The WWE has once again posted a new survey. This one doesn’t ask about new PPV names, but does ask about what kind of products and memorabilia that you buy and collect. Some of the products they ask about are: * Live Event Tickets * Action figures * Title Belts * Books * Thumbwrestlers * Posters/photos * Clothing * WWE Kids Magazine * Wrestling rings or other playsets for action figures * WWE Magazine * Video games * DVDs/Movies * Magazines * Puzzles * Role play toys (i.e. microphones, masks, costumes, etc.) * Board games.

The following is what is scheduled for tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW:

* New York Yankee Johnny Damon Guest Hosts. I’m a diehard Yankees fan and trust me when I tell you he’s not good on the mic. I can’t s–t all over him yet but I’m hoping he proves me wrong.

* DX Goes To Court