Edge's Talks About His Return, Umaga, The Undertaker, & Tons More

Credit: Terri Bay and Pwinsider.com

Edge was on Bubba the Love Sponge this morning. Was supposed to be on at 9:20 AM, but after a boatload of ads and Bubba talking a couple of calls, Edge finally comes on at 9:31. He talked with Bubba for about 20 minutes.


Edge mentioned he was in North Carolina in the mountains in his new property there, and will be there for Christmas. He said he didn't mind sitting out and getting paid.

Edge and Bubba talked about Vince and competition and Edge said that Vince thrives on competition and even though he (Vince) doesn't like it, he works hard when he has to compete. Edge said Vince never stops working.

Edge and Bubba then talked about his deal. Edge said it ended in October, but they tacked on injury time and said however long this takes, that much time will be tacked on.

Bubba mentioned some upcoming dates and Edge joked that he listed every city in Florida.

Edge talked about he and his girlfriend went to a movie in North Carolina where he is living and when they came out of the theatre, he said they saw a bear. Bubba asks how she is adapting since she is a Florida girl, and Edge said she had not seen snow since she was four.


Edge and Bubba banter about his looks, with Bubba saying he looks like a Neanderthal, and Edge said when he is done, he should be a caveman in those Geico commercials.

They discussed his return and he said he went to Dr. James Andrews for follow-ups and he is doing some explosive therapy in NC, and he is doing some other therapy in Tampa. He jokes that if they want him to work, he is sitting in the mountains.

Edge talked about Chris Jericho telling him he met Joe Walsh, and Edge then talked about the PPV. He said Christian and Benjamin had the best match. He also enjoyed the main event. He said Christian looked pissed off when they stopped the match due to the new rule. He said Christian wanted to keep going.

Edge put over Sheamus and said he was a good kid, and talked about how Ireland is wild about him. He joked how Sheamus is so pale, he is blue.

Edge put over FCW. He said when he was breaking into the business, he didn't have all that (FCW). He talked about McIntyre, and Ted Dibiase coming out of FCW.

Edge said he was close with Umaga (called him Eki). He said he was super. He talked about when he dressed up as Umaga for a house show. He said Umaga cracked up. He said Umaga called him the night before he died, and didn't think to keep the message. He said Umaga's death hit him hard.


Edge was asked about the Undertaker and he said he has no idea how Taker performs so well. Bubba said Taker had best entrance. Edge said when he was wrestling Taker, he was in awe of Taker. Edge said Taker put him over a couple of time. He said Taker is about respect. He said he and Taker have always been on good terms. Edge then said he busts his ass with no crap and Taker respected it.

Edge was asked about rehab and return and says he doesn't know when he will be back. The doctors told him 6 months to a year. He said when he heard six month, he thinks six months, but he said he has to see Andrews and get in a ring to see how it holds up. When he tests it he will see where he is at. He said that he is gunning for the first quarter of the year. Edge said he didn't' realize that he uses the Achilles for everything.

Bubba told Edge to say hi to his girlfriend for him and show ends.