Foley's Ear, Tajiri's New Promotion, 'Little People's Court' Update

TMZ has video up in which Mick Foley shows off and talks about the ear injury he suffered during a match back in 1994.

Former ECW and WWE star Yoshihiro Tajiri is heading up the wrestling side of a new promotion called Japan SMASH!. The promotion will feature wrestling and MMA events, and will debut on March 26th, 2010.

WWE is already selling the DX/Hornswoggle Littlest Member T-Shirt, which debuted on RAW Monday night.

The "DX v Hornswoggle" court segment was canceled again Monday night, as creative felt it would be out of place as they were building to TLC. It still may happen down the line. has confirmed that Timbaland will be the guest host for WWE Monday Night Raw on December 28th: Dec. 28, 2009: Timbaland Grammy award-winning record producer, singer and rapper Timbaland will delegate responsibility to WWE Superstars when he acts as guest host on Dec. 28 from Hartford, Conn. Just in time for his latest in Shock Value 2, the renowned musician hops aboard Monday Night Raw.

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