JR Blog: Dr. Death Health Update, WWE Return, RAW, Sheamus, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JrsBarBQ.com, here are the highlights?

On Dr. Death Steve Williams: Steve "Dr. Death" Williams latest PET Scan came back and indicated that the cancer in his Stoma was getting smaller. Doc has 6 more chemotherapy treatments to go. Hopefully this trend continues for Doc and your thoughts and prayers for him are greatly appreciated. Doc has amazing Faith and mental toughness and is 100% sure that he will beat cancer again. This is great news!!


On His WWE Return: Still don't understand why so many folks think that I will automatically go back to Smackdown upon my return to travel in 2010. There are many steps that have to be taken to get back to that place. Assuming the WWE and I work out a new contract, why wouldn't I be a candidate to return to Raw and perhaps hook up with the King (Happy belated Birthday!) and the "Vintage" Michael Cole? Jesse Ventura isn't the only old schooler who can be "out spoken."

On The Legends Roundtable on 24/7: The next Legends Roundtable topic will be "Southern Wrestling." It talks about the Southern culture and how pro wrestling was presented and perceived back in the day and how it was different than pro wrestling in other regions. To me it was akin to the growth of NASCAR with its roots in the South and then how it has grown far beyond its original boundaries. The Southern Wrestling topic needed the Mid South Wrestling library but that just doesn't seem to be in the cards at this time. I do know that WWE would love to purchase the Bill Watts' produced classics.


On Sheamus: Sheamus did not lose any of his "steam." That was a positive. Too much negative is being made of Sheamus vs. Cena at the TLC PPV. WWE has to try and elevate new talents and Sheamus is getting a shot. He's a tough guy who works hard. Why shouldn't Sheamus be given a shot before he's condemned? Let's see how his match goes with Cena on PPV before all the "internet experts" anoint this pairing as a failure.

On Jesse Ventura: Jesse Ventura has been making the rounds promoting his new TV show "Conspiracy Theory" which debuts on truTV Wednesday night. (Should I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter or The Governor?) Jesse has always been outspoken especially about wrestlers having a union which will likely never happen. I'm not saying that a union would or would not help wrestlers because I've never been in a union. I'm not against the idea for the record. Nonetheless it doesn't matter what I think about unions because all I know is that wrestlers can't unanimously agree on what to order at JR's BBQ much less trust one of their peers with navigating the seas of negotiating for new money, better benefits, etc. I do think that Jesse does make some valid points and that the biz needs to undergo many changes but forming a union isn't necessarily the cure all. Providing wrestlers with more recovery time IE a somewhat reduced travel schedule, building more roster depth, doing more financial planning education which includes tax planning and estate planning, and establishing a zero tolerance for drug abuse are among the things that would perhaps go on my personal wish list of things to help wrestling.


On Catering For The Company On Monday: Raw will be down the road in Dallas this coming Monday and the wrestlers and staff will be enjoying the catering of J.R.'s Family BBQ. I am not planning on making the 5 or 6 hour round trip drive but our great food will be there which is likely a more popular choice.

On Raw Needing More Wrestling: I felt the show (Raw) needed more bell to bell wrestling. Only two bouts in the two hours stayed with me....Kofi vs. Orton and HHH vs. Jericho.

You can read the full blog entry at JrsBarBQ.com.