JR Blogs: Lesnar, ECW, What The Average Fan Wants, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JrsBarBQ.com; here are the highlights…

On Saturday's UFC Show: UFC in Memphis was a strong show Saturday night and had a $1M plus gross which was significant for that market. Diego Sanchez took one hell of an ass kicking that included a massive gash in his head, a broken nose and a trip to the hospital. BJ Penn looked spectacular in his win over Sanchez. Frank Mir won easily but he looked too heavy and being too heavy isn't automatically going to provide Mir with a better chance of ever beating Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar: Lesnar is still dealing with intestinal issues that have yet to be made definitively public but one hears that Brock will still end up going to the Mayo Clinic to get checked over in a few weeks. Changing one's diet often times works in correcting many intestinal issues and I hope that's the case with Lesnar. Speaking from experience and after suffering, and I mean suffering, through a perforated intestine and having 13 inches of my large intestine removed I can speak from experience that Brock's issues are no fun to deal with but that he can recover in most cases. Plus Lesnar is a freak of nature and will fight through whatever it is that ails him. I hope Brock is able to fight again but only if he can get back to where he was which is the baddest dude on the planet in MMA.

On Possible ECW TV Changes: Many of you are emailing me about the proposed change in the ECW TV format on Tuesday nights on Sy Fy but I have spoken to no one about this matter. It could and may occur but I am not privy to that info....not that I'm complaining.

On Making Wresting TV Relevant: Not related to any thing in particular but if wrestling fans have to watch a wrestling TV show too intently and have to remember an overload of verbiage to make the show relevant then one can make a case that said TV show is "overwritten."

On Wrestling Talk: Wrestling talk is and always will be a viable element inside a wrestling TV presentation but if there is too much of it then it waters down the prioritized talk and makes it mean less. The average fan who watches TV today wants to escape their daily issues and challenges and not have to over think things while watching TV especially when it comes to pro wrestling or at least that's my take on it.

You can read the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com.

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