New ROH Final Battle Match, RAW Note, & Lots More News

The pre-sale code for the January 9th RAW house show in Lincoln, Nebraska is CHAMP. The pre-sale begins on Friday.

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero has been added to ROH Final Battle on December 19th.

As noted earlier, has an article up that paints former WWE CEO and United States Senate hopeful Linda McMahon in a very negative light. The article includes quotes from several former WWE employees, who say it would be downright wrong for McMahon to reach such a high position of power in the United States government. Here are some more quotes from former WWE talent::


Superstar Billy Graham: "This campaign is the height of hypocrisy. I believe the voters and citizens in Connecticut deserve to be told the truth. In no way does she have a rightful place in the U.S. Senate. The fact that we were out there experiencing trauma and drawing in untold millions for the company [means] we should have at least had some sort of health insurance."

The Blue Meanie: "We're the guys out there sacrificing ourselves. You'd think they'd throw us a bone. Sometimes you wondered if they saw their employees as humans or farm animals It was like being in the circus. You're shipped here, perform there; it's almost like you're disposable.""

WWE's lack of health insurance is at the heart of the wrestlers' grievances. They allege that McMahon and her husband, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, ran a billion-dollar company that provided no health insurance for the wrestlers who put their bodies on the line to help turn the WWE into the global phenomenon it is today.