Off Air RAW Notes, Kozlov Citizenship Pic, HHH, Big Show, UFC Star Leaves & More

-- Local Radio ads for the RAW house show in Chattanooga, Tennessee on January 17th are advertising a "Tennessee Street Fight" between Triple H and The Big Show as the main event. Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton is also being advertised. (Thanks to Adam Cook)

-- Several media outlets have picked up on the story about Vladimir Koslov becoming a U.S. citizen, including and You can see a pic of Kozlov getting his citizenship in our 'Multimedia' forum or our Facebook Group. You can go directly to our forums by clicking here, or join our Facebook Group by clicking here. (Thanks to Ben Tyler, Mike Kramer and Mike Proscia)

-- Ryan Richey sent this in: Just wanted to send a note about what went down tonight at Raw off air. Before the show, there were several "Woo!" chants that started. Crowd was pretty big, not too many seats empty. Finally, Justin Roberts came out and Chris Masters came out and had a match with some new guy (forgot his name) who was in a sleeveless letter jacket. He was saying how he used to beat up kids on the playground, and now gets paid to do it. Decent match. Masters won with a masterlock.

After Raw went off the air, the 6 man started. The end saw Big Show get dumped out, and Jericho leave. Orton tried to convince DX to turn on Cena, doing DX arm signs and cross chops. Then he got a kick, pedigree, and Attitude Adjustment. They invited a few children into the ring and did some comedy which include a fart noise played over the speaker as if it were Cena. Funny stuff!

-- Former UFC Superstar Dan Henderson has signed with Strikeforce, and UFC President Dana White doesn't seem to care. has an article with quotes from White, who says that he "pushed him into signing that deal." White went on to say that he could have signed Henderson if he wanted to, and went on to rip on Strikeforce. For Dana White's full comments, check out for all the latest MMA news by clicking here.

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