Report: Melina Suffers Injury Last Night

According to multiple reports, WWE Divas champion Melina appeared to suffer a knee injury at Tuesday night's WWE RAW house show in Manchester, New Hampshire.

During a Divas tag match, Melina slipped on the mat and was immediately grabbing her knee. The match was ended abruptly, with Melina getting pinned quickly and helped out of the ring. She did not take any further bumps in the match after going down and was seen leaving the arena in a wheelchair.

Sources within WWE fear that Melina suffered a torn ACL. She was examined backstage and is seeing a specialist this week to diagnose the extent of the situation.

An update on the injury is expected soon.

Also, at last night's SmackDown! tapings, it was believed that Melina's current real-life boyfriend John Morrison was injured, but it turns out that he was just selling an injury. (Thanks to Tyler and Bob Healy)

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