ROH Final Battle Results From New York City

Chris Lansdell wrote this recap. This is not my report. I will type up my thoughts later tonight or tomorrow. I'm tired. My train didn't arrive back here in Albany, NY until 5:50AM due to delays.

We have a guy from American Idol doing the anthem. I didn't catch Bobby Cruise telling me his name. The audio quality isn't great and the video is like any other RoH DVD.


We get a video recap of Black and Aries and their feud which includes clips of Jimmy Jacobs. While that's on the screen Cruise tells us that Evans and Hart are not in the building yet due to travel issues, and confirms that Necro Butcher is not going to be there tonight.

HOLY f–k SWEENEY IS BACK! And he's on the broadcast team with Eric Santamaria and Prazak. But who gives a damn, SWEENEY!!!

Kenny Omega vs. Rhett Titus vs. Colt Cabana vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Osiris looks very strange. Like a mini Claudio. Of course the only person worth watching in this match is Kenny Omega, because he is awesome. No, I'm not biased. I'm a broadcast journalist. Claudio won't shake hands, instead he slaps Cabana with his glove. We're off!


Omega goes for the Hadoken right away but Claudio bails. Titus has Cabana while Omega is getting beat down by Claudio. They try a whip but Cabana and Omega reverse it and send the heels into each other! A pair of atomic drops send Titus and Claudio to the floor! Cabana and Titus brawl on the floor while Omega hits a rana on Claudio. He whips Claudio in, charges, jumps OVER HIS HEAD AND MOONSAULTS TO THE FLOOR!!!! f–k me. Cabana comes in with a rana to Claudio, sending him to the floor. Omega and Claudio work a series of slick moves then do a double baseball slide on Titus. Omega gets whipped to the barricade by Claudio while Titus nails Cabana with a high dropkick. Claudio keeps Omega outside while Titus chokes Colt. Double team suplex by the heels to Colt, Omega breaks the pin at two. They throw Omega to the floor and go back to work on Colt...and the stream goes out. Weather issues I guess. It comes back just in time for m to see Cabana on the top rope with Omega trying a fireman's carry. Omega throws Colt down but TITUS JUMPS TO THE TOP! SUPER SEX-FACTOR!!! Cabana applies the Billy Goat's Purse! Titus is about to tap...Sweet Schwinn Music by Claudio! He grabs Titus...DRAGON f–kING SUPLEX!!! 1...2...3!!!


Winner: Claudio Castagnoli via pinfall (on Titus, Dragon Suplex)
Rating: ***?

Tyler Black cuts a promo, but nobody told the production guys to cut the arena mic. Therefore we heard nothing. Bush league RoH, bush league. He says something about RoH not having the glitz, glamour, steroids or silicone. Yet you signed Sonjay Dutt.

We have a "f–k John Cena" chant.

Necro Butcher & Delirious vs. Bison Smith & Erick Stevens

Nana of course says that Necro is not here due to being afraid. Delirious charges the ring and attacks both men, but gets beat down. Sweeney's mic is not working. They whip Delirious in, Bison with an avalanche and Stevens with the choo-choo. HUGE beale by Bison and Delirious is on the floor. Stevens sends him into the crowd and Bison takes a running leap over the barricade into Delirious! JESUS CHRIST PELLE PRIMEAU IS ALIVE! He hits Deja Vu on Bison but gets levelled by Stevens. Primeau tries to go up for a crossbody but Stevens catches him! Tilt-a-whirl uranage DDT BY PELLE! Evan Bourne-style double knees to the shoulders! BISON levels him with a lariat. Stevens hits a nasty German! Bison picks him up and hits a military press to the floor! BOBBY DEMPSEY! He hits the Belly Bounce on both Embassy men! World's Fattest Slam to Stevens!! Tag to Delirious, Dempsey hits a neckbreaker then Delirious hits a splash. DEMPSEY hits a splash! Bison is in and breaks it up with authority. Delirious gets stomped on the floor by Osiris and Nana, he's rolled back in and order is somewhat restored. Tag to Bison who chops a hole through Delirious' chest. Stevens has a German countered but manages to prevent Delirious from making the tag. Bison is in, Stevens misses the Choo Choo and Delirious knocks Bison to the floor! Tag to Dempsey! Back body drop! T-Bone suplex to Stevens! Panic Attack by Delirious! CANNONBALL by Dempsey! Stevens bails to the floor and gets wiped out with a Dempsey cannonball off the apron! Delirious off the top into Bison!!! Back inside, Dempsey gets a scoop slam on Bison. Delirious goes up top for Shadows over Hell but Stevens pushes him off the top.Dempsey gets hit with a lariat and northern lariat combo, then the claw-slam across the knee of Stevens. That hurt Stevens! Bobby counters the powerbomb attempt into a back drop but gets decapitated with a clothesline.! Bison hits a HUGE powerbomb on Dempsey! 1...2...3!


Winners The Embassy via pinfall (Smith on Dempsey, powerbomb)

Fight Without Honor: Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

I demand backfist. That is all.

Kingston attacks Hero in the aisle! They exchange forearms and kicks on the floor but Kingston gets the upper hand. He rolls Hero in and tries to follow but gets nailed with a pump kick and a baseball slide. Sweeney's mic works! Hero has the jawbone of an ass! He whips itn over the back of Kingston, then chokes him with it. "We can't see s–t" – half the arena. Hero flips them off. Inside the ring now and Hero runs circles around Kingston, wrapping his face in chain. Kingston is bleeding, I guess the NY Athletic Commission doesn't have the same rules about blood that the Texas one does. Hero uses the chain to whip Kingston's head to the turnbuckle. Roaring elbow gets 2. Headbutts now by Hero, Kingston returns the favour then eats Hero's foot. Hero wraps the chain around his arm and hits another roaring elbow. Hero slams Kingston down on to the chain and tries for the Ligerbomb, Kingston reverses it to a rana! Hero lands on the chain. Uranage suplex by ingston onto the chain! They exchange shots mid-ring, Kingston whips Hero and charges into another Hero boot. Enziguiri by Kingston! Northern Lights Bomb gets 2 for Eddie. Heor blocks a whip and turns it into a roaring elbow, hits a leaping forearm in the corner than NAILS another roaring elbow for 2. He rips off Kingston's shirt and lays in a couple shots, Kingston rips off Hero's shirts and hits some chops of his own! Hero follows Kingston into the ropes with an elbow, then hits ANOTHER roaring elbow!! Hero and Hagadorn put one of the barricades in the ring and Hero sets it in the corner. Kingston tries a backdrop driver into the barricade! Hero blocks and hits a suplex, then positions the table in the corner horizontally. He puts Kingston on the top rope, stands on the barricade and gets cut off by Kingston. Eddie tries a piledriver into the barricade! Hero blocks it and they exchange blows up top. Now Hero wants it...MOTHERf–kING GANSO BOMB OFF THE TOP ONTO THE BARRICADE!!!!!! KINGSTON IS DEAD!!!! 1....2...2.9998!!! Hero tries the Death Blow...countered! Straitjacket Suplex by Kingston! Chain-assisted lariat! 1...2...2.903! Sara Del Ray is in with a rolling kick and a series of other kicks! Kingston blocks one....CAPTURE SUPLEX to Death Rey! Hero has the loaded elbow pad...roaring elbow misses! BACKDROP DRIVER!!!! Hero gets the roaring elbow with the loaded pad! 1...2...NO! Hero comes off the ropes BACKFIST! SPINNING BACKFIST! 1...2...still no!!! Jesus. Kingston steals the loaded pad, he puts it on and hits the roaring elbow! 1...2...3!


Winner: Eddie Kingston via pinfall (loaded roaring elbow)
Rating: ***? Tough to rate because I marked like crazy, but nobody should have kicked out of that Ganso. That was sick.

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Young Bucks

I'll warn you now, I cannot keep up with the Bucks. Steen has a heel beard, so he will clearly be turning heel here. The commentators play up his knee injury right off the bat.

Nick and Generico to start. Nick with a chinlock, Generico turns into it and grabs an armbar. Nick counters a charge and runs through a series of lucha flips to end with an armdrag, Spiffy. Steen and Matt both tag in and Steen takes Matt down with a pair of shoulders, Matt comes back with a dropkick. After a silly exchange of gum-spitting, they exchange forearms. Generico gomes in with a drop toehold and Steen hits the flip legdrop to the back of Matt's head. He knocks Nick off the apron and tags Generico. Kicks to Matt, a whip and a nice leg lariat for 2. Steen tags back in with a stiff chop. Back body drop by Steen gets 2. Steen bites Matt then tags Generico. Matt ducks under the clothesline and hits a standing Shiranui. Nick is in and knocks Steen to the floor then hits a DDT off the second rope to Generico. Armbar-hammerlock combo by Nick, Generico gets to the ropes. Tag to Matt who comes off the top with a double stomp to the arm. 2 count only. Hard whip by Matt and a pair of covers for 2. tag to Nick now and he fights hard to keep Generico from tagging. Double team hiptoss followed by a double basement dropkick for 2. Generico escapes out the back of a back suplex and gets the tag! Steen is in, he gets the hiptoss/double basement dropkick but no-sells it and clotheslines both Bucks! He backdrops a charging Nick who lands on the apron, then DDTs him back in! Steen gets tripped by Matt but GENERICO SOARS off the back of Steen and onto Matt on the floor! Neckbreaker over the knee by Steen, but he hurt his knee! The delay allows Nick to recover, Trouble in Paradise! Tag to Matt, they hit a double knee/top rope double stomp into a reverse DDT for 2. Matt tires to whip Steen, it's reversed and Steen hits the lungblower. Tag to Generico who comes in with a top rope crossbody for 2. Generico tries the half-nelson suplex but Matt runs him to the corner and Nick hits a STIFF kick to the head!!! Steen grabs Nick and powerbombs him on the apron!!! T-bone suplex into the turnbuckle by Generico! He sets for the Yakuza, COUNTERED with a big boot! Superkick to Steen! Matt tries a wheelbarrow, Generico holds on FLIP WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER BY MATT! Fast stuff happens. YAKUZA KICK by Generico! FROG SPLASH by Steen! 1...2...2.968! Generico tags in STeen who tires the package piledriver, Nick escapes! Forearm to Generico, Steen tries a suplex but nick blocks Powerbomb by Steen into the Sharpshooter! Matt kicks him in the face but Steen shrugs it off! Generico takes Matt to the floor and Steen drags Nick to the middle of the ring! Steen's knee buckles! Superkick by Matt...MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!!!! 1....2....2.996!!! Superkick! Superkick! Superkick! DOUBLE SUPERKICK! 1...2...3!!!!!


Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall (Matt on Steen, double superkick)
Rating: **** Not a spotfest, made sense and made me mark. Plus it was so fast I got lost.

Generico checks on Steen who is getting cheered. He tells a heckler to shut the f–k up or get out. Then he tells them he'll kick both their asses. He says he's not the same guy he was 3 years ago. He thanks all the fans whether they spit on him or slapped him on the back. He puts over RoH and especially the Briscoes and Nigel McGuinness, saying the Briscoes are responsible for them being here, and Nigel was part of his best match ever. He hugs Generico in the middle of the ring and I hope this isn't a suplex...."I just want to say, I hate your f–king guts!" LOW BLOW! Steen gets a chair and HAMMERS Generico! Cabana is out to see what the hell is wrong with Steen. Steen kisses him and leaves the ring limping.

Intermission time.

Roderick Strong vs. Kenny King

A guy from a local radio station joins Santamaria and Prazak on commentary. I THINK it's the same guy who interviewed HHH earlier this year. He has Sweeney's mic so we can't hear him either.

They exchange arm wringers. Strong takes King down briefly but gets caught with a dropkick to the shins and a side headlock. They run the ropes and Strong catches King with a big leg lariat. Strong stomps away at King, then lays in a pair of chops. Slingshot suplex countered by King, Strong sidesteps a charge and sends King to the floor. Clothesline off the apron by Strong! More chops out on the floor by Strong, he whips King to the barricade but King puts on the breaks and catches Strong coming in with an elbow, then hits a somersault press off the barricade into Strong! He rolls Strong in and covers for 2. Suplex by King, he rolls through and lays in some mounted forearms. Whip and a high leg lariat by King. Backbreaker by King. Springboard legdrop misses, King charges and connects with Strong in the corner but Strong knees him in the head and hits a running clothesline and a running forearm in the corner. Half-nelson backbreaker gets 2. King blocks the gutbuster but eats a dropkick for 2.Chops and forearms from Strong, he comes off the ropes into a stiff spinebusterby King for 2. Strong tries the Stronghold but it's blocked, he cartwheels through but is levelled with a lariat by King. King charges into a boot from Strong, King is on the apron and gots DROPPED ON IT with a back suplex by Strong!! Strong tries to put King on the top but King counters to a sunset flip for 2. They both miss a kick, Kenny hits a spinkick for 2 more. He puts Kenny up top and goes up with him, he is pushed off but comes charging with a kick to the head! He pulls Strong down and hits the Royal Flush!! Strong avoids the charging double knees and gets a torture rack backbreaker for 2! Gutbuster, King rolls through it and gets a schoolboy! TIGHTS! 1...2...3!


Winner: Kenny King via pinfall (schoolboy with tights)
Rating: **? Nothing special here, neither man was at his best.

Jack Evans & Rocky Romero vs. Teddy Hart & Alex Koslov

God help me in this one. I have never seen Teddy Hart, so this could be an eye-opener. Kozlov is out first to the Russian anthem. Romero is out next and we appear to have a lack of the flippy boys. Romero gets on the mic and says that Hart and Evans aren't going to make it. New York wants Teddy, which i find unlikely.

They start off with some typical mat work. They even work in the monkey flip-knuckle lock spot. Headscissors applied by Romero, Kozlov escapes and hits a crossbody off the top. Romero comes off the ropes but Kozlov has THE HAND up! Here comes the chant...RUSSIA! RUSSIA! Romero dropkicks the knee and starts a Cuba chant. Romero blocks a whip and avoids a charging Kozlov, sending him to the floor, then hits a tope to the floor! Kozlov exchanges his chops with Romero's kicks...and loses. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Romero. Whip reversed, Romero goes up and over but gets HAMMERED with a superkick to the back of the head! 2 count only. Randy Orton Special by Kozlov now, Romero escapes but gets kicked in the gut. RUSSIAN leg sweep! Kozlov puts on the hat...Russian dance! Romero avoids the last kick and hits a headscissors, removing the hat. Kozlov gets a drop toehold and applies surfboard through the ropes! Ouch. Kozlov misses an avalanche and gets nailed with a flying knee strike and a flapjack. Romero puts on the hat, mocks Kozlov and then hits a springboard DDT off the second rope for 2. Kozlov goes to the floor, Romero follows and gets WAFFLED with 2 stiff chops by Kozlov, sending him into the crowd. Kozlov runs up to the top rope...CROSSBODY INTO THE CROWD! He rolls Romero in and goes up for a splash...knees! Enziguiri by Romero misses but the mule kick connects for 2. Romero runs right into a superkick!! Kozlov up top again, Romero is up and stops him. Romero on top with him now...FLYING CROSS ARMBREAKER! Wait, what? The bell rings and the ref looks completely lost, even leaving the ring to tell off the timekeeper. BAD f–k-up there, there was no tap and the ref never called for the bell.


Winner: Rocky Romero via "submission" (top rope cross armbreaker)
Rating: **? Decent match, shame about the messed up finish.

ROH Tag Team Title Match: The American Wolves defend vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

I reckon RoH knows if The Briscoes are leaving, so if they win here I'd bet the answer is "No".

Davey and Mark to start. Davey rolls out of a headscissors and tags Eddie. Snap mare by Eddie and a kick to the spine. Mark returns the favour. Davey tags back in and mark grabs a side headlock on the mat. Davey gets to hie feet and gets a snap mare and kick of his own. They exchange blows and Mark goes to the leg of Davey. Davey escapes and goes to the arm. Both men up and Jay and Eddie tag in. Front facelock by Jay, Richards tags in and goes on the offense but Mark puts an end to that and they get the double shoulder block. The Wolves head to the floor to recover. Richards back in with some kicks but Mark levels him with a dropkick. Edwards gets nailed with a head and arm suplex and a big boot by Jay. Basement dropkick to Eddie gets 1 for Jay. Tag to Mark who comes in with a senton off the top for 2. Mark gets another 2 count off a suplex. He applies a figure four headscissors but Edwards escaoes, the Wolves get mark caught in their corner and Richards hits a dragon screw in the ropes! Richards tags in and stamps on the bad leg. Eddie is in now and hits a running dropkick to the knee in the corner. Suplex attempts, Mark gets out the back and hits a cutter! Tag to Jay who comes in with forearms to Eddie, Richards tries a blindside but gets superkicked. Spinebuster to Eddie gets 2. eddie looks to have reinjured the arm. On the outside Davey whips Mark into the barricade and nailed with a Yakuza kick, sending him to the crowd. Davey and Jay slug it out but Edwards is up with the forearms!!! Superkick-German combo by the Wolves! 1...2...NO!!! Eddie played some good possum there. Davey takes Jay to the floor and goes to work, whipping him to the barricade and choking him. He's rolled back in and Eddie gets a 2 count. The Wolves use their wrist tape to choke Jay, haven't seen that in a while. Whip by Davey, he hits a charging forearm and a charging boot. Northern Lights suplex gets 2. Tag to Eddie, he hits a snap mare and applies a chinlock. Jay fights out of it and gets a Death Valley Driver! Hot tag! Mark in with chops to Davey and a leg lariat. Eddie gets NINJA BRISCOE! Kneelift for Davey and a kick to the back of the head. Springboard forearm to Eddie and a Northern Lights on Davey gets 2. Mark whips Eddie, Davey grabs his foot and drags him out to safety...SOMERSAULT SENTON BY MARK to the Wolves on the floor! Davey is rolled in and covered for 2. mark puts Davey on the top, he pushes Mark down but Mark nails a palm strike and the Iconoclasm for 2. Eddie is back in but Jay Flatlines him into the turnbuckle and Mark hits a flying sidekick off the top rope! SIDEWINDER to Davey! 2 count only. Jay Driller is countered and Eddie tags in with a big boot. Edwards with a combination to take Jay down, and hits the backpack chinbreaker for 2. Jay is positioned up top again, Eddie goes up but is knocked down. Davey comes over to try and he gets knocked down. Eddie tries again and hits a super rana off the top rope! Kick to the chest by Davey...DR DRIVER!! Half Crab by Eddie, clover leaf by Davey! Both Briscoes counter to small packages for 2! double team alarm clock to Mark! They have Jay...powerbomb/lungblower combo! Half crab by Eddie, Jay makes the ropes. The wolves set for a Doomsday Device, Mark is back in and hits a T-Bone off the top! German by Jay! SICK clothesline on Eddie! 1...2...No! Jay Driller time...blocked! They exchange an enziguiri and a superkick, DOUBLE superkick by the Briscoes! 1...2...Davey breaks it up! Davey and Mark to the floor, JAY DRILLER! 1...2...NO!!! Doomsday time now...NAILS IT! 1...2...3!


Winners, and NEW RoH Tag Champions: The Briscoes via pinfall (Jay on Eddie, Doomsday Device)
Rating: ***? Not as good as I hoped, but pretty darn good.

Claudio is out, please let this be a Kings of Wrestling Reunion...YES! HERO FROM BEHIND! Deathblow to Mark! KRS-One to Jay! f–k YES!

The lights have gone out! JACK EVANS! TEDDY HART! JULIUS SMOKES! Jack kisses up to the crowd and says they were surprised to arrive and find out their match already happened. Teddy looks RIPPED and gets a heck of a chant. So this match is on?

Teddy Hart vs Jack Evans

Guess so! Hart levels Evans with a clothesline, then hits a suplex. Evans flips out the back of aback suplex then hits a spinning kick. SUPER SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP to the outside by Evans! He whips Hart to the barricade, rolls Hart back in and hits a springboard 450! No ref! Evans charges into an elbow, Hart charges into a pair of boots. Evans tries a headscissors but Hart catches him and HOLY f–k POWERBOMB INTO A LUNGBLOWER!!! He bounces Jack off the underside of the second rope into a PILEDRIVER!!! Julius smokes is going to play ref it seems. Jesus! Royal Butterfly...into a spike DDT!!! Cutthroat lungblower! I LOVE THIS MAN! He goes up top and tries...something that doesn't work because Evans gets his knees up. DROPSAULT by Evans! He goes up top...630 KNEES! Blue Thunder Bomb by Hart! 1...2...NO! Straitjacket piledriver!!! 1...2...NO!!! Holy f–k I have never seen Teddy Hart before but he is my new favourite wrestler. Evans reverses a whip and hits a springboard elbow and a flying double knee off the top. Up top again...630!!! 1...2...3!!!


Winner: Jack Evans via pinfall (630 Splash)
Rating: *** Pure spotfest, but now I love Teddy Hart.

RoH World Heavyweight Title Match: Tyler Black vs Austin Aries (C)

Aries is going to chat with us. He puts down AAA before taking the time to say hello to some people. His mom and Tyler Black's mom, saying Mrs Black should turn off her computer because he's going to hurt her son. Nice.

Aries goes right to the floor as the bell rings. Prazak's mic went out a while ago, by the way. Aries fnially gets in the ring and gets stomped down by Black. He bails again. Again Black jumps him as soon as he gets in the ring, and again Aries bails. Black chases this time and Aries catches him as HE gets in the ring. Headlock takedown, Black counters with a headscissors. Aries escapes and bails AGAIN. Again Black chases and Aries catches him coming in. Black gets thrown out but stops on the apron and hits a springboard leg lariat. Aries lays in some chops, Black fights back with rights. Headlock takedown by Aries, Black escapes and hits some chops. Whip, Aries holds on and avoids a dropkick but Black lands on his feet. They exchange holds, Aries gets a headscissors and Black uses the Aries escape! To the floor again and AGAIN Aries catches Black coming in. Black throws Aries to the floor, Aries skins the cat but Black hits the baseball slide to the face of Aries! Chops on the floor and Aries goes into the crowd! Black hits an atomic drop onto the apron! As Sinclair is counting, the crowd is yelling "TWINKIES!" after each count. Black rolls Aries in and Aries bails again. Black chases again and this time doesn't get caught coming in. Aries bails again though. Back inside, Aries charges and gets backdropped over the top!!! Black arranges some furniture on the floor and hits an Asai moonsault off the barricade! Aries is back inside, Aries catches him on the apron but Black fires back. He misses the springboard clothesline and Aries goes to the floor again! Wow this is annoying. Black goes after him and reverses a whip sending Aries to the barricade. He rolls Aries in and goes up top...Aries is up and knocks Black off the top! He tries to suplex Black into the ring but it is blocked, Aries settles for a neckbreaker over the top rope instead. He throws Black to the floor and comes off the top with an axehandle. Aries punishes Black on the floor and rolls him in at 16. Aries goes back to the floor and hits a runnign knee to Black's head, hanging over the edge of the apron. Cover by Aries gets 2. He starts kicking at the knees of Black who tries to fight back until Aries goes back to the knee. Black reverses a whip but charges into turnbuckles as Aries moves. He ties up Black's leg in the ropes and dropkicks it. 2 count for Aries. He does more work on the leg and locks in a single-leg crab, Black makes the ropes. Black tries to fight back but gets his back and chest raked before being nailed with a clothesline for 2. Black misses an enziguiri, so Aries stomps on his knee. Again Black mounts a comeback and again it is thwarted by Aries attacking the knee. Figure four time! Black kicks his way free before it's applied but Aries hits an STO. Aries takes his sweet time about a pendulum elbow, allowing Black to kick him in the back of the hesd and hit a neckbreaker. Back body drop by Black. Aries goes to the top but gets dropkicked! Twisting corkscrew plancha by Black to the floor onto Aries! Back inside Black reverses the shinbreaker/back suplex into a rollup for 2! SHINING WIZARD gets 2! Aries avoids a quebrada so Black hits a standing SSP for 2. Aries gets out the back of a Paroxysm and hits the shinbreaker/back suplex combo. Aries charges but Black gets a boot up. He puts Aries up top and tries to follow but geets shoved down. Black goes back up But Aries blocks the attempt...TOP ROPE DDT!!!! Last Chancery applied! Black manages to break the hold but gets beaten down by the champ. Aries measures for the IED but Black hits one of his own! LAST CHANCERY by Black! Aries escapes with elbows to the head. Scoop slam by Black, he goes up top but Aries shoves him off and to the floor! Heatseeking missile by Aries! He rolls Black in and hits the twisting body press for 2. Aries puts Black on the top and goes up with him...Black fights it and tries a sunset bomb! Aries counters to a rana! Aries charges INTO A SUPLES TO THE TURNBUCKLE! Phoenix slpash...MISSES!!! Dropkick to the knee by Aries, a shinbreaker and then the figure four! Black fights and struggles and reverses the hold! Aries goes straight to the ropes. He's on the apron and headbutting Black who is inside. The exchange rights and Black takes Aries' head to the turnbuckle. A kick by Black, he hauls Aries to the top and goes for a superplex but Aries fights him off and throws him into the ring face first. Aries is still sitting on the top. BLACK KICKS ARIES OFF THE TOP and Aries goes through the timekeeper's table!! Aries is taking his time outside so Black chases and gets a knee to the cut for his troubles. Black reverses the whip and sends Aries to the barricade. Aries rolls in then rolls out. They are finally back in the ring and Black blocks a charge but gets some back elbows from Aries in the corner. Aries wants the brainbuster but Black fights it and hits the face-first drop. Black measures the superkick but Aries bails. Again they are fighting on the apron, Aries connexts with the DVD on the apron!!! Apparently the arm he was selling is fine now. Black is down on the floor while Aries just rests. Tyler barely makes it back in, only to be locked into the Last Chancery. it's fairly sloppsy though and Black is able to make the ropes. Aries stomps on Black some more then throws him outside. Aries is resting again. Duelling chants: "This is aweoms!" "This is bulls–t!" Black manages to get back in and is even landing some shots, so Aries flees again. Back inside and Black is goign nuts whit chops and kicks! He gets ready to charge but Aries has gone to the floor again. TYLER FLIES over the top and levels Aries! Aries tires to escape through the crowd so Black attacks him there with a double axehandle. He brings Aries back to ringside and beats on him, Aries rolls back in at 17 and then rolls out the other side and goes up the ramp! Black follows and a large section of the crowd don't want them to come back. Black emerges through the curtain with Aries on his shoulder! TKO ON THE RAMP! Tyler is up at 16 and sprints to the ring at 19 to break the count. He goes back for Aries and carries him back to the ring. Aries is bleeding hard. He hits a forearm but Black locks in the End Time! Shades of Jimmy Jacobs! Aries flips over into a cover!! Aries is bleeding all over the place. Black punches away in the corner, Aries tries a powerbomb but Black counters. 45 minutes gone now. Black wants the buckle bbom but Aries blocks. This is crazy, Black isn't even trying to put him away. If you're trying for psychology then you can't selectively ignore it. He climbs the corner again and pounds on Aries, Aries dumps him to the floor. Aries tries to escape into the crowd again, Black retrieves him...NO! BUCKLE BOMB INTO THE CHAIR IN THE CORNER OF THE BARRICADE!!! Superkick! He rolls Aries in...1...2...2.887! Scoop slam by Black and he's going up top...PHOENIX SPLASH gets nothing but canvas! Both men are staggering, Aries flees AGAIN! Black chases him up the ramp and Aries gets the brainbuster on the ramp!!!! Aries makes it back to the ring and Sinclair counts, Black is bleeding. He makes it to the ring at 19 and a half. Aries gets the kneestrikes to the head, then the Last Chancery! Not often you hear an RoH crowd calling for a tapout from the favourite. Black breaks the hold, Aries chokes him in the corner and will not break on 5, trying to get disqualified. Sinclair is not falling for that one. Black fights back with some rights but Aries hits a low blow! Sinclair starts to DQ him but Black begs him not to! Aries exposes the turnbuckle and runs Black into it. Sinclair STILL won't play the game. Aries tries the IED again but Black catches him! Aries slips off his shoulders and hits a Russian leg sweep into the turnbuckle! Aries up top...450 SPLASH! 1...2...2.907!! aries thinks about nailing Sinclair, but instead locks in Last Chancery AGAIN. Black elbows free and Aries goes to the floor to get his belt. He thinks about using it but Sinclair confiscates it! SCHOOLBOY BY BLACK! 1...2...NO!!! Kick to the head! Both men are down now. Slugfest on their knees! 5 minutes left. They are still slugging away as they get to their feet, and now we have no audio at all. Oh RoH, you poor kids. Shot after shot after shot! My bad, we can only hear Sweeney. Aries tries a headbutt and both men go down like a delfated baloon. Aries with an uppercut and some strong lefts, off the ropes and a roaring forearm! ENZIGUIRI by Black! Kick to the head by Aries! Brainbuster COUNTERED TO CATTLE MUTILATION!!! Aries rolls it over, Black gets the MMA elbows then back to Cattle Mutilation! Aries with a GREAT escpae into the brainbuster!!! 1...2...2.9899!!! Now we have a match and there's only a minute left....and they're using jabs??? Wild punches by both men, Aries tries a brainbuster but Black escapes! GOD'S LAST GIFT! 1...2...NO! Time limit is up after the bell! They keep fighting though! Sinclair is thrown aside, Aries takes out Remsburg and Taylor. Aries holds the belt high but eats a superkick. Black levels Aries with the belt!


Time Limit Draw
Rating: ***? That might seem generous, but they went an hour.

The Briscoes and the Kings of Wrestling are brawling through the crowd and now into the ring! The Briscoes chase off Claudio and Hero, and Black sits in the ring dejected.