The WWE Crew Is Back Home, Umaga, Tribute To The Troops

The WWE roster that was in the middle east for the Tribute to the Troops show have returned to the US. They went from the heat of the desert to a snowstorm in Washington DC. The snow is coming down like crazy up here in Albany, NY where I am based.

The Miami Herald has an article up on the WWE's Tribute To The Troops tour, including the history of the company visiting in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can read that article at

After the passing of Umaga, has a slideshow up of wrestlers who have passed away.

On a side note, I want to thank those of you who emailed me about our Umaga coverage yesterday. It's not often we get some nice feedback (usually it's all hate mail!) and it means a lot to us. I will try to get back to each and every one of you over the weekend. Thanks again for those really nice emails. You know who you are :)