Feast or Fired Match
One TNA star will be “fired”

Tenay and Taz run down the rules, and Jay Lethal’s music hits first, and he’s on his way to the ring with Consequences Creed.

The cases are hung above the ring. Cody Deaner is the third man announced, he comes out to basically no reaction. Beer Money Inc, Robdert Roode and James Storm are the fourth and fifth men introduced.

Eric Young, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Homicide, Big Rob, Kyoshi and Kevin Nash make their way to the ring, representing WE, and we now have eleven men in the ring.

Samoa Joe is the last man introduced, to a big pop. He makes his way out to the ring and we’re ready to begin. (Obviously this match is going to be extremely difficult to cover so please just bear with me on this. I’ll of course make sure to get the names of the competitors that get the cases.)

Everything just breaks down as soon as the bell rings and everyone is brawling. Some of the action spills to the outside where people get their heads bashed into various things, but the camera is jumping around too quickly. Lethal is close to grabbing a case but Kyoshi pulls him down. The crowd is chanting for Joe, and everyone is still just brawling everywhere. Deaner almost gets a case but Bashir is able to take him down. He goes for a case and Deaner returns the favor.

Deaner and Bashir fight in the ring and Bashir takes him down with a vicious Irish whip into the corner. Bashir continues to go for a case, but Deaner is able to pull him off the turnbuckle. Lethal Consequences beat up on Homicide with a tilt a whirl backbreaker/Russian leg sweep combo. Creed goes for a briefcase and Lethal watches his back, but Bashir is able to cut him off and he and Deaner fight over the case. The case falls to the floor and both men go for it and get their hands on it. Bashir wrestles it away and hits Deaner with it and he is declared to have gotten case #2. While everyone is confused, Big Rob grabs a case of his own, case #4.

Eric Young looks upset with Rob, and BMI use this as an opportunity to come in and clean house on WE, double teaming Nash and hitting a double suplex on Eric Young. BMI hit the DWI on Kyoshi, and follow it up with a slingshot DDT. Roode heads up for a case, but Nase prevents it and goes for the case himself. Nash is able to pull down case #1.

Joe is in the ring to fight with Lethal Consequenses. He takes Lethal down with a uranage, but Creed jumps off the turnbuckle on Joe. Everyone hits some big moves on everyone else in super-quick succession, but Lethal ends up being able to go for the case, Homicide is right there though, with a gringo cutter from the top rope.

Deaner goes for the case, but Joe comes out of nowhere with a big kick and he climbs the turnbuckle. Joe grabs the case, and he is in possession of case #3.

They send it down to the ring, and we’re going to find out what the briefcases hold in them immediately. JB says it will happen right after a backstage segment.


Christy Hemme is backstage with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle says that Desmond Wolfe has his head up his ass. He says Wolfe is smart and devious, but he is more smart and more devious. Angle says Wolfe won’t end his career tonight, especially when he has unfinished business. Styles says Kurt will get his shot, and soon. Styles says Daniels will never take the title from him, and then after he retains the title, he will take care of some unfinished business.

In the Arena:

Back at ringside, JB and So Cal Val are running the ceremony. Nash is out first, JB runs down the possibilities of Nash’s briefcase, and he opens it up to reveal that Nash wins a Tag Team Title shot.

Joe is out next with case #3. JB runs down the options left before they open up Joe’s case to reveal that he has won a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

JB calls out Big Rob and Bashir at the same time to open up their cases. He says one will be fired and one will have a shot at the X Division Championship. They open up the cases to discover that Terry wins the X Division Title shot, and Bashir is fired!

Bashir throws the case away as the crowd sings ‘Goodbye’. JB says that this concludes Feast or Fired 2009.