Tons Of Backstage News On Sheamus' WWE Title Win Last Night, More

- As witnessed at WWE's first-ever TLC pay-per-view, Sheamus went over John Cena to win his very first title belt, the WWE Championship. However, we have received word that just two hours before the actual PPV went live, there was still a lot of confusion over whether or not Sheamus or Cena would win the match. In fact, Cena was slated to win the title at the time, but obviously, things changed. This further proves that WWE creative is indeed always changing plans at a minute's notice.


- Former WWE RAW guest host Mark Cuban posted the following on his Twitter page regarding Sheamus' WWE Title win: "Bummer that Sheamus won.. But remember I put him on the ground first!"

- Sheamus was actually a top Trending Topic on Twitter following his WWE Title win at the TLC PPV last night.