As seen this past Thursday night on iMPACT!, Angelina Love made her return to the organization, first appearing in the crowd and hugging Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne prior to their match with Awesome Kong and Hamada. However, after the match, Love turned on The Beautiful People, attacking her former partners and Lacey Von Erich, her replacement in the group, seemingly angry about being replaced.

The two-time Women’s Knockout Champion has posted a thank you message to her fans on her MySpace account, thanking them for their incredible support while she was away from the organization late last year.

Here is her message in its entirety:

A BIG Thank You to my Fans!

I just want to take this time to write a big huge THANK YOU to each and every one of my fans. From day one you guys have been so supportive of me and you really showed how much you care during my difficult time at the end of last year.

Not one day went by, not ONE, since I was released where I didnt get a personal message, a comment, an email or something from you fans. Everyday you told me you missed me and you supported me and you couldnt wait to see me back on TV.

That really helped brighten my days when I didnt really know what was going to be happening in my life! None of you HAD to do anything or say anything, but you did and it really meant a lot to me. My manager, Michael Klyzub, worked his butt off to make sure everything would turn out for the best and it sure did 🙂

I am officially back on the TNA roster and couldnt be happier about it. I guess I’m starting a new chapter in my career & in my life and I am so excited about it! I’m gonna give it my all as I always do and I hope everyone loves it as much as I know I will. Thank you for being so happy and supportive of my return and thank you for all the youtube videos you made about it! They are all awesome!

2010 has started off amazing and I cant wait to see what will come in the days ahead.

Lauren/Angel/Angelina Love