As noted before the show, Bobby Lashley was laid out before his scheduled match with Abyss at the PPV tonight and was replaced by the debuting Mr. Anderson. Lashley is scheduled to fight for Strikeforce on January 30th in Miami against a still undetermined opponent (his first two scheduled opponents fell through), which is the reason for the attack angle.

As we noted on Friday, Josh Gross of Sports Illustrated noted that Hogan wasn’t happy with Lashley. Gross said that Hogan stated, “He’s [Lashley] gotta make a choice, brother. We need to have a serious talk, He can [do MMA and pro wrestle] but he just needs to be a businessman about it. You can’t stiff us just because you have to train for a fight.

“You can’t put [Strikeforce] ahead of us; that’s not going to work me. I’m going to fix that real quick. That’s going to happen Sunday. I’m going to see what he’s made of because I’ve been around too long to have someone like him to do business with.”

Lashley hinted at leaving TNA in an interview with last month, and said the other wrestlers saw the writing on the wall after it was announced that he had signed with Strikeforce.

“Professional wrestlers are the biggest MMA fans out there,” Lashley told “When they saw that I signed, a lot of them were like, ‘Man, we’re going to lose Bobby.’ That’s the first thing they thought, because they know my dedication to fighting.”

He went on to note that while he is trying to juggle MMA and professional wrestling, he admits that he might have to give wrestling up.

“At the time when I was taking that break and I was just wrestling, everyone thought that I’d be able to do both [wrestling and MMA],” he said. “We don’t know if that’s going to happen. Immediately when the press release came out that I was with Strikeforce, I got a call from all the wrestlers, they wished me good luck. And anything they can do to help out, they’re there for it.”

Stay tuned to for further updates on Lashley’s status with TNA.