It looks like his comments over the relief effort in Haiti have gotten new TNA personality Bubba the Love Sponge sent home from a production meeting and possibly fired from the company. Bubba wrote the following on his Twitter today:

“Eric needs to chill out on this power trip. Hogan is cool. Eric is running wild. here in orlando things r all messed up. Was suppose to be at the prod meeting @11 they called and said not 2 come??? This is starting 2b not fun. All because of my Haiti comments Sorry people can’t handle the truth. And what does my Haiti comments have to do with tna wrestling. I didn’t say them on dixies air. I don’t think tna is ready 4someone like me. I shoot hard from the hip and ms Carter (although i have a ton of respect 4her) has never had a guy that is as outrageous as I am and has a Nationwide delevery method. So right now I would describe our relationship like oil and water. And it’s not good. im headed home. My agent Is coming to Orlando to deal with mess. not that I’ll ever b on tna again but tell me any tna personality that has more followers.”

Bubba also noted that he was supposed to be a part of the deal with ‘The Band’ at last night’s Genesis pay-per-view but someone vetoed Hulk Hogan so Bubba wasn’t involved.

He also said last night that Jeremy Borash is gone from TNA and he (Bubba) did not want the job of being Borash’s replacement.

Note from Ryan Clark: Again Bubba, go away. You sound lame and immature.