Hulk Hogan was on Bubba The Love Sponge’s radio show this morning. Here is what I heard.

Hogan wants to kill all house shows in TNA until the TV comes together and then in no time they will become a force that people will pay attention to. Seriously.

Hogan has no plans to bring in just his friends. Really Hulk?!? He said he only met Ken Anderson on the Australian tour and knew that the guy had what it took.

Bubba then talked about the incident with Awesome Kong earlier this week, calling her a b—h and saying he was mad at what she did to him. Hogan played it off as it being menstrual-related.

Bubba said he was pushing for a bigger role in TNA but now hates the wrestling business. Hogan said, “Wow!”

Hogan talked about how less is more and spoke about a segment with Scott Hall and Sean Waltman that was taped this week. Hogan put over Ric Flair as being really on his game once he got rolling with AJ Styles.

They talked for like 15 minutes and basically Hogan’s focus was to emphasize how he is going to show everyone how the business works since TNA has done nothing since its inception.

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