Jeff Hardy-Trial Update Inside, Lashley's Next Fight In Question, HOF News, More

Bobby Lashley's Strikeforce Miami fight with Jimmy Ambriz, who replaced original choice Yohan Banks, is still off. Both sides have agreed to the fight, and the Florida State Boxing Commission has approved the fight (which was the hurdle with the Banks fight), but there are other channels to go through and the process has hit a snag. On a related note, Lashley is still being promoted as being on the European tour starting on January 23 in Glasgow. The Strikeforce event is on January 30.

Although tickets for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies have all been sold, there will be VIP tickets released at a later date. has an interview up with Dwayne Johnson in which he talks about The Tooth Fairy, that he doesn't mind making fun of himself if it brings in an audience, and more. Note from Ryan Clark: It's interesting to note that The Rock's tune on pro wrestling and a return to WWE have completely changed in recent months. It wasn't all that long ago that he refused to sign WWE merchandise, dropped 'The Rock' name, and said he'd never return to WWE as he was focusing on his acting career. It's been a complete 180 turnaround. Hey, I'm not complaining!!

The Toronto Sun ( has an interview up with Ted Dibiase who talks about what it feels like to watch your own movie for the first time, the beating he took while making the movie, how he wants to win the WWE Title, and more.

ROH will be holding TV tapings at The Arena in Philadelphia on May 21st and May 22nd. The May 14th and 15th tapings have been canceled.

As noted yesterday here on the website, Jeff Hardy's trial is set for March 17 in Moore County, NC. He has had another charge added, a felony charge for conspiracy to traffic in opium, related to Vicodin. Note from Ryan Clark: Trust me when I tell you guys he's in some deep s--t. I remember not that long ago Matt Hardy posting a blog or 'tweet' stating 'The truth will come out' and also saying it was all a misunderstanding. That's damage control at its best folks :)

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