More From Hogan's Party, Vince Russo On The Future, iMPACT!

As a reminder, Thursday's episode of TNA iMPACT! will be a replay of tonight's show.

Vince Russo continues to post on his Facebook page, discussing TNA and his possible future. Here is an excerpt… "But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned . . . not for myself . . . but perhaps for others. After tomorrow TNA will never be the same again, and for good . . . or bad . . . people's lives will change. "Season's Change." It's hard not to be anxious at a time like this. I've been a part of TNA, on and off, for almost 8 years now. I have watched many of these kids grow up; turning from boys to men. There's been a lot of growing pains . . . A LOT of growing pains. Many of our guys . . . and gals . . . had never even been on TV before they came to TNA. The fact is that many of them came from VFW halls working in front of 50 people--to working center stage on national television in prime time. Some weren't ready . . . some still aren't . . . but the whole time we were a family who lived together, and died together. Many of these athletes have felt like they were my own children to me. I cried when I saw AJ Styles cut that promo that took him to the next level, and I've also called him out on the carpet when I felt he was being selfish. But the whole while I loved him . . . as if he were my own son; Will, or VJ."

Speaking of Vince Russo, his new book, Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo, will be released on February 2nd.

According to Chris, the Hogan Pep Rally wasn't handled all that well… Now that I'm an Orlando guy I figured I'd check out the Hogan Pep Rally today. I ended up being one of the people left outside, but trust me it was less than 400. They'd be lucky if it was 150. I would, however, believe that the original line was 400-500. Hogan and Hall ended up coming down the outside line shaking hands. Apparently they gave us a lot more time than the people inside when it came to meet and great moments. Bubba did some interviews as well. I was surprised to see Kip James walking away, considering he had been released to my knowledge. They never told us that we were not going to get in for the actual event -- I had a buddy on the inside who let me know that it had started. Margaritaville did a very poor job handling the crowd and the security was rather rude.

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