The WWE made the right choice is moving the Royal Rumble PPV to next weekend. Last night’s NFC Championship game between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings averaged 57.9 million viewers, which made it the second most watched NFC Championship game of all time. The Royal Rumble was initially set for last night, but moved to next weekend.

Hulk Hogan will be a celebrity guest at Darren Prince’s birthday party this week. Prince handles marketing for memorabilia for sports stars, such as Hogan, as the head of Prince Marketing Group.

The Food Network’s Dinner Impossible will be airing a WWE themed episode this Sunday in Canada. I believe this has already aired in the U.S. This episode was shot at Summer Slam. The show will air 3 times on Jan 31 (afternoon, evening, and late night).

The Cleveland Plains Dealer interviewed The Miz and his father for an article in his hometown paper. You can check that out at has an article up on the WWE returning to the Cow Palace on March 14th.

Pittsburgh is tearing down the Mellon Arena as the city is building a new arena that will open next fall. The “Igloo” hosted several WWE TV and PPV events over the years.