Report: Teddy Hart & Jack Evans To WWE?, Details Inside

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Teddy Hart was telling people several weeks ago that he's joining World Wrestling Entertainment alongside his uncle Bret.

While his claims have yet to be confirmed, the feeling in Mexico — where he currently resides — is that he should he wind up in WWE, he won't last long because "he hasn't learned one thing since he's been there." He still has a reputation for being highly talented, but greatly lacking in the psychology aspect of wrestling. Also, he still has a reputation for not listening, which is pretty much why he was released by WWE in October 2007. He also has a reputation for trying to get in all his high spots during matches. He's extremely talented though.

Hart wants to bring Jack Evans with him, but Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) is high on Evans, more so than Hart, not to mention he has more than two years left on his contract anyway. I saw these two last weekend at ROH. Both men arrived late to the show due to the blizzard and took the mic before their match. Hart said they were two of the best wrestlers in the world and they "didn't get to show their s--t in the United States".

Hart was either asked to visit WWE's headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, or already has, to do an interview for their DVD release profiling the legendary Hart Family. He was under the impression that the DVD would coincide with this year's WrestleMania where Stu Hart will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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