The Reason Why Flair Is Working As A Heel, TNA/UK Problems, Morley

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The basic idea backstage within TNA with Ric Flair is for him to give rubs to other stars, starting with AJ Styles. According to Dave Meltzer, this will eventually lead up to Ric Flair vs. Sting. Flair wanted to be a heel again because he prefers being in that role.

Sean Morley posted the following on his Facebook regarding his in-ring debut last night: "did my first PPV match with TNA in a complete zombie type state. I walked into that ring last night with 36 hours of zero sleep under my belt. Never want to take another red eye before work again. Zero sleep sucks!"

Phil sent the following in: From now on, TNA will not be showing PPVs on UK TV. Before, we used to get the ppv's for free on Bravo 2 on the Wednesday after the live broadcast, but they have now stopped this. TNA set up a website where you can watch it online for 10.50. Unfortunately, if you go to the website - - there is nothing there! So, TNA has made PPVs available on BTVision. However, there are two problems with this. Very few people in the UK have BTVision (it has less than 500,000 subscribers) and it isn't shown live, it's shown 11 hours after it has finished. If you're going to watch a ppv live on the internet, most people wont pay for it as it's easy to find a stream - also, if they are showing it 11 hours after it has finished then most people will just download it for free and watch it on their tv!

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