TNA Genesis: Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick (X-Title)

TNA X Division Championship
- Amazing Red (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

Amazing Red is out to the ring first to a nice pop from the crowd. Brian Kendrick is the surprise opponent for Red!

Kendrick gets a nice pop, and chant from the crowd. Kendrick starts things out with a kick, but Red avoids it. Kendrick takes Red down into an arm bar, but Red is able to work out into a hammerlock. Kendrick rolls through to break the hold. Both men lock up and Red ends up in yet another arm bar, courtesy of Kendrick. Kendrick changes it up into a camel clutch while hitting a couple of cross face blows on Red. Red fights up to his feet and both men jockey for position.

Kendrick kicks Red in the head, sending him outside and into the barricade. Brooke Hogan is sitting ringside, urging on Red. Kendrick follows to the outside where he kicks away at Red's leg. Back in the ring and Kendrick continues to work over Red's leg with a stiff kick and a leg bar.

Kendrick hits a running kick to Red's knee before choking away at him in the corner. Kendrick wraps Red's leg up in the ropes, just wrenching away at his knee. Kendrick locks in a modified half crab, but Red makes it to the ropes, forcing him to break the hold. Kendrick continues his assault on Red's knee, hanging it up in the ropes and kicking away. Kendrick climbs up to the second rope, but Red hits a beautiful spinning kick sending Kendrick to the floor. Red follows out with a front flip senton from the top rope out to the floor and on top of Kendrick.

Red sends Kendrick back into the ring and goes up top for a shotgun missile dropkick, Red tries for the cover but Kendrick kicks out at two. Kendrick sends Red into the corner, but he eats Red's boot twice. Red goes for a cross body, but Kendrick ducks and locks in another modified single leg Boston crab. Kendrick modifies the hold again into a modified STF with a couple of headbutts for good measure. Red rolls over into the ropes, forcing a break.

Red hits an enzugiri out of nowhere, which he follows up with a dropkick to Kendrick's back. Red ducks a clothesline, and comes through with a hurricarana. Red goes for the cover again, but Kendrick grabs the ropes at two, stopping the count. Kendrick holds onto the ropes while Red tries to yank him off. The ref backs Red off and Red eats a kick to the face from Kendrick that's good for a near fall. Kendrick shows his frustration, kicking at Red and sending him to the outside. Red hits a springboard into the Code Red out of nowhere, he pins Kendrick and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Amazing Red


Bischoff is backstage with Hogan, Hall, Waltman and Nash. Bischoff says Nash is under contract, but Waltman and Nash have to prove themselves. Hogan says these guys have to get real, this is their one shot and their might not be another, so they need to make things happen for themselves before they walk off. Hall says they need to destroy BMI tonight so he looks good. Waltman says what about him. Hall says he's got to wait his turn. Hall and Waltman play a game of Rock Paper Scissors with Waltman coming out on top. Apparently that decides who Nash's partner will be later tonight.

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