WWE Royal Rumble: WWE Championship - Sheamus (c) Vs. Randy Orton

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WWE Championship Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

Sheamus entered the ring first. Orton came out second, and got a big pop from the crowd.

Both men had a lengthy staredown to start the match. There was a loud "Randy" chant and a big pop when Orton stunned Sheamus with a standing dropkick, the first offensive manuever in the match.

Shaemus went on to dominate the early part of the match. Later in the match, Orton caught Sheamus entering the ring with a DDT and managed to get a two-count before Sheamus put his hand on the rope to break the count. He then went for the punt, but Sheamus was able to roll out of the ring. Outside of the ring, Cody Rhodes nailed Sheamus, which the referee saw. With the referee distracted with Rhodes, Orton nailed Sheamus with the RKO but the referee wouldn't count and called for the bell. It was then announced that Sheamus won the match via disqualification.

Winner via disqualification and STILL WWE Champion: Sheamus.

After the match, Rhodes tried to explain himself to Orton, but Orton punched Rhodes and started slamming his head in the mat. Dibiase entered the ring and Orton did more of the same to Dibiase. Orton put the beat down on both as Sheamus recovered. Sheamus then went on to hit Orton with a big kick and left the ring.