WWE vs. DSW Update, Kid Kash In Court Today, Mickie James, More

The WWE is scheduled to respond to the lawsuit brought against them by Joe "The Assassin" Hamilton and Deep South Wrestling. The lawsuit was brought against WWE, due to Hamilton claiming that WWE wrongly severed their ties with Deep South as a developmental territory. WWE failed to provide 90-days notice, in writing. The case has been ongoing since October of 2008, with WWE requesting more response time, and also killing off some of Hamilton's claims.

David "Kid Kash" Cash will head to court today for a hearing in Johnson City, TN. This is in regards to charges against him that he allegedly used stolen credit card of a former female friend. Kash claims that he did use her card while they were at a gas station, with her permission, and he paid her back the next day, but once their relationship went sour, she pressed charges. Kash claims this wasn't him but we've heard otherwise. It appears as if he's trying to keep things out of the media.

TheBoot.com has a blurb up on Mickie James going into the Country Music industry.

The New York Times has an article up on the new WWE/Mattel relationship. You can read that at NYTimes.com.

The Stamford Advocate has an article up, discussing that Linda McMahon's political foes may not like her, but that they also would not want to see WWE take their business out of Connecticut.

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