— WWE’s Japanese website has an article and photos up from a media event held this morning in Tokyo, Japan. At the event, Antonio Inoki not only accepted the invitation to the WWE Hall of Fame, but also stated that he would attend the Wrestlemania 26 weekend festivities. At the event, WWE’s Ed Wells presented Inoki with a Hall of Fame certificate. I’m sure they’ll bring out all the Hall of Fame inductees at WrestleMania as they always do.

— In regards to The Score editing RAW last night, that was due to a technical issue. During the midnight replay, the elimination tag team bout was shown in its entirety.

The UK Sun has an article up, discussing Kurt Angle starting his own brand of healthy foods. You can check that article out at https://www.thesun.co.uk

— As mentioned last night on RAW, the current “ECW” talents will be free agents and go to RAW and Smackdown once the ECW show ends. All signs point to WWE NXT to be a reality based series, featuring new talents and some veteran talents from other brands. The veteran talents will make visits, to “mentor and or hinder” the new talents that will be introduced on the new show. Also, the veteran and bigger names will be used to draw viewers into the new show. WWE NXT debuts on February 23rd.

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