Backstage Eric Bischoff News, Orlando Jordan's Gimmick, More

We don't have an update on this yet but Consequences Creed is now accepting indy bookings. We hope to have more on his TNA status shortly.

Eric Bischoff posted the following on his Facebook page regarding Thursday's iMPACT! rating: "How did the Olympics do? Think there were many men 18-49 watching? Seriously, we have known from day one that the way to gain market share and grow ratings is just like I did in 95. The wrestling audience gathers on Monday nights. Have for almost 2 decades. Giving them an option and getting them to sample our product will increase the ratings."

Speaking of Eric Bischoff, he is said to be very high on TNA newcomer Orlando Jordan. Jordan, who is openly bisexual, is having his character based around his bisexuality.

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