As I noted last week here on the website, there was a wild story making the rounds involving Frankie 'Kaz/Suicide' Kazarian that I wanted to confirm before posting. According to my source, Frankie has been involved in an affair that real-life wife Traci Brooks recently found out about. The two were married just several weeks ago. I've also heard from my source that a sex tape may exist.

Over the weekend, "a person in the know" sent me nude photographs Kazarian had taken of himself in the bathroom. You can view the pics in our 'Multimedia' forum courtesy of, you can go directly to our forums by clicking here. The person claims that Kazarian has been having an ongoing affair with a California based adult star for the past three years which his wife, fellow TNA performer Tracy Brookshaw (a/k/a Traci Brooks), only recently became aware of. The longtime couple got married just a few weeks ago with many of their fellow peers in the wrestling industry in attendance. Traci is still trying to figure out the details of what went on. I can confirm that she has called the person in question to confront her about the situation.

Also note, a sex tape of Kazarian and the adult star in question apparently exists.

It's interesting to note that on Facebook, Traci Brooks changed her last name from Brookshaw to Brooks, made her page private, and removed previously posted wedding photos of her and Frankie Kazarian (a/k/a Suicide). Furthermore, Kazarian deleted his MySpace and Facebook pages earlier this week, though the Facebook page has since been reactivated. He wrote on Tuesday, "Tired, pretty banged up, but had a great tour. Most importantly home with my beautiful wife."