Breaking News: A Warrant Issued For Chris Jericho

According to WCPO out of Cincinnati, a bench warrant has been issued for WWE performer Chris Jericho. Jericho was scheduled to appear in court today, due to his arrest on January 27th for public intoxication, but Jericho, nor an attorney representing him appeared in court. Jericho has also been fined $253 for not appearing.

As far as Gregory Helms goes, either Helms or someone representing him made an appearance today and paid his fine.

UPDATE: Chris Jericho just posted the following message on Paid my fine on time and never had a court date. I'm free to walk the streets.... Sorry TMZ wrong again.

UPDATE: just posted the following: UPDATE 2:15 PM PT: Jericho finally called the court and paid his $159 fine -- so the arrest warrant is no longer in effect.

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