Candice Michelle Pregnancy Update, A Must-See Video, How Old Is Sherri?

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-- Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle has posted a new blog on her official website updating fans on her pregnancy. Michelle wrote: "I am over 6 months Preggo now and getting more excited as the days go on. I have had enormous energy and able to do my spin and pilates classes which is exciting. I have been taking all the fun baby classes like breastfeeding, labor, and everything you can imagine! Its so much fun and crazy at the same time. What a miracle how your body changes and just knows when to grow different parts of the baby. I cant wait to meet her for the first time!" She also notes supporting Haiti relief effort, Go Daddy's annual involvement with the Super Bowl, whether she has an account on Facebook, and more. You can read her blog in its entirety at

-- Today is Sherri Martel's birthday, who would have turned 52 years old today. The WWE Hall of Famer passed away on the morning of June 15, 2007 at her mother's residence in McCalla, Alabama. A cause of death for Martel was not initially known due to the autopsy and toxicology reports needing five to six months to complete, but on September 11, 2007, homicide investigators in Tuscaloosa, Alabama released their report stating that she died of an accidental overdose with multiple drugs in her system, including high amounts of oxycodone (also known as hillbilly heroin).

-- Thanks to the recent rebranding of Comcast to Xfinity, CNN has made a list of the Worst Corporate Name Changes. WWE made the list for their switch from WWF. Here's what CNN said: "In a 2000 legal smackdown between the World Wrestling Federation and the World Wildlife Fund over the use of WWF, the wrestlers got pinned. A British court found in 2001 that the wrestling group had violated a 1994 agreement limiting the use of the initials, which the two companies had shared since 1979. The following year, the company changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., or WWE. "Our new name puts the emphasis on the E for entertainment, what our company does best," said CEO Linda McMahon in a press release at the time. The comment didn't do much to stamp out persistent rumors that the fights are rigged but hey, at least she was honest. " Spike TV also made the list for switching their name from The National Network (TNN) in 2003.

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