Candice Michelle Pregnancy Update, John Cena MRI Results Are In

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- To follow up on the news that John Cena underwent an MRI last week to determine the extent of his back injury, the MRI came back clean. It's been reported that Cena has been working with a bulging disc in his lower back and he's been working a lighter schedule in recent weeks, but he is in relatively good shape.

-- William Shatner discusses his experience guest hosting Monday's RAW at

-- Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle posted a blog on updating fans on her pregnancy. "Just an amazing update: My pregnancy is going terrific! I am going to be having a healthy baby girl in May! It is so crazy the fun changes that you go through when preggos! Thankfully for the Internet, I can get all my fun, crazy, and just weird questions answered! I have decided to start blogging a bit about my pregnancy on my Web site,, so stay tuned for updates." Candice also posted some new pregnant pics on herself on Twitter.

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