Bobby Lashley posted the following on his official website? “Alot of fans are asking me about my future in wrestling. I will address everything at a later date. Thank you for the support. – Bobby”

MMA Fighter and former TNA personality Frank Trigg was released from the UFC. Mark Coleman was also released from the company. ran an article on doctors crossing the line, and Dr. Phil Astin’s involvement in the Benoit murder suicide was mentioned.

Tully Blanchard, who will be the booker for Greg Price’s NWA: New Beginnings, will be on appearing with Bruce Snyder on FOXCharlotte’s Got Game show this Saturday night at 10:30PM to hype the show.

Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore will be holding an autograph signing on February 21st in Middletown, NY at the Galleria at Crystal Run. Northeast Wrestling is presenting the event, and you can get more details here, or by calling 845-451-7620.

On October 15th in New Jersey, KayFabe Commentaries will be holding their third Ring Roast event.

The UK Telegraph has an article up on female Lucha Libre.