Hogan Wants To End Old Rivalry, IMPACT! Tapings, Against All Odds, More

-- During an interview pushing TNA, Hulk Hogan said he wants to reconcile with Jesse Ventura. "The Body" blames Hogan for destroying his chance to unionize the WWF wrestlers in the 1980s. Hogan explained his stormy relationship with Ventura with the following: "I never knew that Jesse didn't like me, you know, because the whole time that he was working with me and for me, we had a great rapport. Just out of nowhere, Jesse started coming at me and attacking me on a personal level. You know, I just don't understand. I don't have a lot of respect for just a one-sided story. So I really don't know the real Jesse Ventura. I thought I did. So I really don't know what he thinks."

When asked if he'd like to reconcile with Ventura, he responded with the following: "Oh, I would love to. I would love to. I'm dying to find out what made him snap, you know, because I was around when we were doing the wrestling. Jesse came to Japan one day, you know, and he worked one or two main events the whole time I was around. And I would love to find out what really makes him tick just for curiosity reasons."

-- TNA has released new T-shirts featuring "The Pope", Ric Flair, Amazing Red at www.ShopTNA.com. They have also released new merchandise on Hulk Hogan and Tara.

-- The next set of iMPACT! tapings will be taking place two weeks from now on Monday, Feb. 15 and Tuesday, Feb. 16.

-- TNA will be airing the February 14th Against All Odds PPV live on the TNA Video Vault website, which is the first time they are doing this. You can get more information at https://www.tnavideovault.com

-- The latest edition of Hermie's Hotseat, featuring Samoa Joe, is available at TNAWrestling.com.

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