Jerry Springer Drinking When He Agreed To Host RAW, The Rock/TMZ

-- Next week's RAW guest host Jerry Springer says was drinking when he agreed to host the show. During a media conference call to promote the appearance, Springer says that he used to be a wrestling fan as a kid, but doesn't keep up with the product much anymore. "I'm looking forward to doing it though you know how opposed I am to fighting on television," he said. "These are all professionally trained people. You have that. Other than that, entertainment is entertainment whether you're an athlete or a singer. You have your moment when you're on stage, or in a ring, or on a ballfield. It's that moment where you have to be really, really focused. You have to perform." To read a full transcript of the conference call, visit

-- John Morrison made the following post on his Twitter account… "Heading to the airport in New Orleans- Vamos a Ecuador! - ankle still hurts from Smackdown taping in Baton Rouge-" As noted earlier, Morrison's ankle is "banged up" but he isn't expected to miss any time.

-- cameras caught up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson this week and asked the former WWE superstar who owns his signature catch phrases, such as "Do you Smell What The Rock is Cookin." According to Johnson, he and WWE co-own the phrases, as well as the name "The Rock." When the TMZ cameraman asked him why he used to wear "panties" in the ring, Johnson clarified that he wore "trunks" and that maybe it was just the cameraman dreaming of him in panties.

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