J.R. Blogs: The Royal Rumble, Edge's Return, Strikeforce/Lashley, More

Jim Ross has a new blog up at JrsBarBQ.com; here are the highlights…

On The Royal Rumble: Enjoyed watching the Royal Rumble on PPV as the show closing last few minutes really made the show for me. Edge was the obvious major surprise of the night. I admire how hard Edge has obviously worked to be able to return to the ring ahead of schedule.

On Edge: Edge was the star of the night and him winning the Royal Rumble disrupts the Road to Wrestlemania and makes February's Elimination Chamber PPV more intriguing. That PPV is only 3 weeks way. I like the episodic way that several issues are progressing.

On Gary Hart: I strongly encourage that all wrestling fans read the late Gary Hart's autobiography and it can be ordered by logging onto www.playboygaryhart.com. This is a fascinating read and gives one a vivid, visual picture of the inter workings of the biz from one of the greatest wrestling minds and mangers of all time.

On McMahon vs. Hart: Anxious to see the Hitman=McMahon confrontation Monday night on Raw from Nashville. I'll miss being there with King as we always went downtown to Jack's BBQ near the Grand Old Opry for lunch.

Herschel Walker's MMA Debut: "Herschel Walker won his debut in a 3rd round stoppage against the perfect opponent for the 47 year old who looks more like a 27 year old. Strike Force got ESPN coverage off #34 who will likely be exploited on Strike Force's next CBS broadcast.

Cyborg's Victory: "Cris Cyborg looks to be an imposing cross between Chyna of years ago and Beth Phoenix as she dominated her opponent in winning in the 3rd round and then donned pink and black "Hitman" fight gear complete w/ shades. Women's MMA can be built in time to be big."

Bobby Lashley's Victory: "Bobby Lashley proved to me that his immediate, full time future is in MMA. Bobby won in a 1st round stoppage of a lackluster fight because of an unprepared fighter who took the fight on a week's notice. Lashley will get much better but is a year maybe more away from fighting Fedor or so it seems."

Check out the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com.

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