RAW **SPOILER**, Jerry Springer-RAW, Shelton Benjamin-WWE

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- The A-Team trailer played yesterday during the Daytona 500 race on FOX. Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson was the main guy featured.

-- Jack Evans will debut for Dragon Gate USA over WrestleMania weekend in Arizona. Evans will tag with The Young Bucks on March 26th to battle CIMA, GAMMA and Dragon Kid. Evans has been working full time for AAA in Mexico, and recently worked with ROH and JAPW.

-- Shelton Benjamin had the weekend off. He attended last night's Iowa vs. University of Minnesota wrestling meet which aired on the Big 10 network.

-- The reason Jerry Springer got WWE more press than most celebrities have is because he was willing to do a national conference call to promote tonight's show.

-- There is expected to be an old surprise on RAW tonight alongside Jerry Springer. We are aware of who it is (not that major) but will not report it due to a request.

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