has provided some new details on the January 27 arrests of WWE superstars Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms. According to the police report, Gregory "Hurricane" Helms was in possession of "one white round pill" at the time of his arrest for public intoxication. Police determined the white pill was the muscle relaxer Soma, the generic version of the muscle relaxer Carisoprodol and a "schedule four narcotic."

Helms told police he had a prescription for the pill but was not able to produce any proof of it at the time of his arrest. Cops did not press charges against Helms over the single Soma pill. Should Helms be unable to produce a prescription for the narcotic found on him at the time of his arrest, he would be in violation of WWE's Wellness policy and more importantly, the laws of the state of Kentucky, where he was arrested.

It's worth noting that Gregory Helms was pulled from the Royal Rumble on Sunday after being advertised for the show. Not good when you miss your PPV bonus check. He has also been pulled from TV this week.

TMZ reached out to WWE about these new details but did not hear back.

The wrestling industry is all too familiar with muscle relaxers such as Soma. Dr. Phil Astin was recently jailed for 10 years after he was busted for prescribing Soma (among other drugs) in large quantities to Chris Benoit before he died.