Tara's IMPACT! Slip, Lacey Von Erich-TNA, Scott Hall's Status

Lacey Von Erich will be making her much anticipated TNA live event debut at this week's shows in Virginia. She will be teaming up with fellow "Beautiful People" members Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne to take on Tara and Angelina Love in 3-on-2 Handicapped matches. Also note, these shows will mark as Love's return to TNA house shows.

As noted earlier here on the website, a lot of people within TNA were surprised at how Orlando Jordan has handled himself that the TNA TV tapings. Considering his past with WWE, sources say he came off better than expected.

Scott Hall was in lots of pain at the 1/4 TNA iMPACT! show. He was said to be in rough shape physically and was having a hard time getting around after the show. They report that he had improved at the most recent TV tapings but still looked like he was in lots of pain.

As noted several days ago here on the website, Tara had a nipple slip on iMPACT! last Thursday night. The slip was blurred in the United States but aired uncensored in the UK. You can watch it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsASo-HB35k .

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