TNA Against All Odds: D'Angelo Dinero Vs. Matt Morgan


Bischoff is backstage with Samoa Joe, he says tonight is a whole new ballgame. Joe says he knows, the most important thing is for a company to have a champion it can believe in, and AJ Styles is not that man. Bischoff says he and Flair have more history than he cares to discuss, and he doesn't want to see Flair's boy with the championship, but with the stripes on, he feels like he has to call it down the middle. Joe says if Bischoff takes care of Flair, he'll take care of AJ. Bischoff says Joe needs to keep control of his temper, take care of AJ, and he'll take care of everything else.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Semifinal Match
D'Angelo Dinero vs. Matt Morgan

The bell rings, and this one's ready to go. Both men lock up, and Morgan uses his power to toss Pope back immediately. Another lock up, and we get the same result. Morgan points out the size difference. Ppe ducks a lock up and kicks away at Morgan's leg. Morgan shoves him away, but Pope won't stop. Morgan eventually tosses Pope over the top rope. Morgan follows , and he slams Pope right into the ring apron.

Morgan tosses Dinero back into the ring, and he follows, but Pope responds with a couple of quick strikes to the midsection. Morgan puts him right down, and into the corner, where he hits the rapid fire elbows. Morgan hits a big splash, and gets Pope into side slam position before just simply dropping him. Morgan chokes Dinero by stepping on his throat, and he follows it up by choking him on the top rope and hitting a leaping leg drop.

Morgan rolls back into the ring and locks in a big bear hug. Pope looks to be fading, but he comes back with a big elbow to the head, a kick to the knee, and a dropkick to the knee. Dinero goes for a cross body, but Morgan catches him, and hits a fall away slam. Morgan goes for the cover, but he only gets two. Morgan picks up Pope, but Pope counters with a DDT out of nowhere and both men are down.

Both men get back to their feet and Pope gets the advantage with a fiery series of forearms and a big elbow to the side of the head. Pope slaps Morgan, but it just makes him angry. Pope drop toe holds Morgan into the ropes, but going for the Coronation, Morgan hits a huge lariat. Morgan goes for the pin, but Pope kicks out at two. Morgan looks shocked. Morgan pounds on Pope in the corner, hitting a series of headbutts. Morgan tries for the Carbon footprint in the corner, but Dinero dodges it and Morgan is hung up. Pope connects with the double knees, goes for the pin, and this one is over.

Winner and Advancing to the Finals of the 8 Card Stud Tournament: D'Angelo Dinero

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