TNA Against All Odds: Hernandez Vs. Matt Morgan


Flair is shown walking around backstage and he walks into Bischoff's office. He asks what makes Bischoff think he can make himself the special referee. Flair says Bischoff thinks he's God, but the only Wrestling God in TNA is Flair. If Eric wants to do anything he needs to go through Flair since he's Style's manager. Bischoff says that Flair is pissed off because his boy is in a match with Samoa Joe and a ref that he can't buy. Flair says he doesn't need to buy the ref because Styles has Flair and that's all he needs. Bischoff says he's going to call it down the middle and Flair needs to keep his distance. Flair backs off and leaves the office.


JB is backstage, with Hernandez and Matt Morgan, the next two men to go into battle in the 8 Card Stud Tournament. Hernandez says they're facing each other by luck of the draw, and they're making the most of this opportunity. Morgan says they're going to be the tag champs for a long time, but how could they not jump at the opportunity for a World Title match. Morgan says they want to have a match for bragging rights to see who's better. He wishes Hernandez good luck and they walk away.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

Both men give each other a fist bump before locking up. Morgan backs Hernandez up into the corner and breaks clean. They lock up again and this time Hernandez backs Morgan up, also breaking clean. Another fist bump, another lock up and Morgan locks in a headlock, but Hernandez fights out. Morgan puts Hernandez down with shoulder block, then another, but a third attempt and Hernandez knocks Morgan down instead. Hernandez sends Morgan into the ropes and Morgan tries for the Carbon footprint but he can't get it. Hernandez tries for a border toss but Morgan fights out. Morgan hits the rapid fire elbows in the corner and Hernandez goes down.

Hernandez tries for a high risk move, and it looks like someone botches it, but they recover quickly when Morgan connects with a big lariat. Morgan hits a big splash in the corner, and then another, and he follows up with a side slam, but Hernandez kicks out at two. Hernandez begins to fight back, but he eats an elbow and finds himself back on the canvas. Morgan chokes Hernandez on the ropes, and he hits a big leg drop, launching himself over the top rope. Morgan hits a big leg drop on the apron reminiscent of the Undertaker, but it's only good for a two count.

Morgan hits a couple of short arm clotheslines but he still can't keep Hernandez down. Morgan locks in a chin lock, but Hernandez fights out of it, but quickly goes down to a clubbing blow across the back. Hernandez reverses an Irish whip, and slingshots over the top rope, catching Morgan with a big shoulder block and both men are down.

Hernandez is fired up, he hits a series of clotheslines, a big splash, and a spinebuster, but he can't keep Morgan down for three. Hernandez hits a huge delayed vertical suplex holding Morgan up for a ridiculous amount of time. Morgan rolls out to the entrance ramp. Hernandez launches himself over the ropes and connects with Morgan, but he immediately falls to the floor and grabs at his shoulder.

Morgan won't allow Hernandez to get counted out, and he holds the ropes to let him back in the ring. Morgan immediately locks in a hammerlock, throws Hernandez into the corner, and grabs the tights for a pin. Mogan gets the three count.

Winner and Moving on in the 8 Card Stud Tournament: Matt Morgan

Hernandez doesn't look to happy with Morgan as he makes his way to the back.

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