Christy Hemme is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says he has to apologize to Hogan. He says since Hogan arrived in TNA, he doubted his agenda, but he proved himself to Angle on Thursday when he saved him from Hall and Syxx Pac, he says he'll never doubt Hogan again. As far as his match with Mr. Anderson tonight, he says he's going to mow through the Tournament, and become the #1 Contender, and that starts with Ken Anderson. Angle says he's going to introduce Anderson to TNA the only way he knows how, by beating him in the middle of the ring.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell rings and we're ready to kick this one off. The crowd is solidly behind Angle. Anderson catches Angle with a kick, but Angle shrugs it off, and on the next attempt, goes for the ankle lock. Anderson is able to make it to the ropes though, preventing the hold. Angle connects with a headlock takedown on Anderson, taking him to the mat and holding on. Anderson fights up to his feet, but quickly falls victim to a shoulderblock, and another side headlock.

Anderson is finally able to fight out with a couple of big blows to Angle's back. Anderson chokes Angle with his boot, but that fires up Angle who responds with a back body drop and a snap suplex, but it's only good for a two count. Angle takes Anderson to the corner, and he hits exactly 10 punches before backing off, and whipping Anderson into the other corner. Angle charges Anderson in the corner, but Anderson moves and Angle connects with the ring post.

Anderson grabs a chain that Angle wears around his neck, and rubs it across Angle's forehead, cutting him open. Anderson punches away at him in the corner, but Angle fights back, only to walk into a big DDT. Anderson goes for the pin but it's only good for two. Anderson stomps away at Angle and locks in a rear chin lock, wrenching away.

Angle is able to fight his way up to his feet and out of the hold, with a series of elbows and right hands. Angle takes Anderson down with a couple of clotheslines, and a huge belly to belly suplex. Angle tries for the cover but only gets two. Angle is whipped into the corner, but he explodes out with a big lariat that's good for another near fall. Angle hits a big release German suplex and he holds on, connecting with a second, and a third.

Angle tries for the Angle slam, but he can't get it. Anderson connects with a Finlay roll, and it's good for a two count. Anderson goes to the corner, and goes to work, trying to tear away at the turnbuckle. He distracts the ref, and unties the opposite turnbuckle. He tries to send Angle into the turnbuckle, but Angle blocks it and responds with an Angle slam. Angle goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out at two.

Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Anderson is able to kick him off. Angle charges Anderson, but he ends up running head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Anderson uses this to his advantage and hits the mic check. Anderson goes for the pin, gets three, and this one's over.

Winner and Moving on in the 8 Card Stud Tournament: Mr. Anderson

After the match, Anderson brings Angle his medal, and spits in his face before walking to the back.