TNA Against All Odds: Mick Foley Vs. Abyss


Bischoff is backstage with Abyss and Mick Foley. Bischoff says he hopes both men understand, but running a wrestling company is tough. He's responsible to put on the best card he can, and he needs to ensure no games. He tells Foley and Abyss to go at it like it's their last match, because if he suggests any kind of gamesmanship, Abyss will lose his mask. Foley says that's not going to be a problem, but how do he and Abyss know Bischoff isn't going to be unfair when it comes to their match. Bischoff says that it will be a No DQ match, and he wants to give the fans an opportunity to watch each man beat each other. He says if no one uses a barbed wire bat, Abyss' mask will be gone.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Mick Foley vs. Abyss

Abyss looks concerned again. The bell rings, and both men lock up. Abyss locks in a head lock, but Foley fights it off, only to get hit with a big shoulder block. Foley goes for the bat, but Abyss knocks him down and kicks it away. Abyss beats on Foley in the corner before hitting a big splash. Abyss picks up the bat, and the crowd wants him to use it, but he throws it down. Abyss says he can't do it. Foley slaps him in the face. He does it again, and three more times before hitting a couple of forearms. Abyss responds with a couple of forearms of his own that send Foley to the floor. Abyss follows out, but he's quickly thrown into the barricade. Foley grabs a chair and whacks Abyss across the back.

Foley slams Abyss' head into the ring steps, and screams at him. Back in the ring, Foley grabs the bat, but charging Abyss, Abyss gets his foot up and knock Foley away. Abyss chokes Foley against the ropes, but he lets his guard down and gets hit with a spinning neck breaker. Foley pounds on Abyss in the corner, hitting a series of forearms. Foley hits a running knee, and goes for a bag in the corner, with lots of thumbtacks. Foley spreads the tacks across the canvas. Foley pounds on Abyss and Abyss teases falling in the tacks. Foley charges, but Abyss catches him in chokeslam position, he takes him away from the tacks before slamming him down though. Abyss goes for the pin, but he only gets two.

Abyss takes the trademark sock away from Foley, and he puts it on, but he immediately gets caught with a double arm DDT. Foley goes for the referee, taking off his shoe, and stealing his sock, but when he goes for the mandible claw, Abyss catches him with one of his own. Foley applies his own, and Abyss looks to be fading fast.

Foley lets go of the hold before the referee can drop Abyss' hand three times. Foley grabs the bat, but when he goes for Abyss, he walks right into a black hole slam into the tacks. Abyss goes for the pin, and he gets three.

Winner and Moving on the the 8 Card Stud Tournament: Abyss

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