TNA Against All Odds: Mr. Anderson Vs. Abyss


JB is backstage with Mr. Anderson. Anderson makes JB repeat several times that Anderson beat Kurt Angle before saying no, that he destroyed Angle. Anderson says that he beat Abyss a month ago at Genesis, and he's going to go all the way tonight and grab the title shot, then the title at Lockdown. He says he's the guy they call Mr. Anderson... Anderson (of course interrupting JB).

8 Card Stud Tournament
Semifinal Match
Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss

Anderson is out to the ring next, and the crowd really just doesn't seem to care. Anderson doesn't introduce himself this time, instead we go straight into the match. Both men lock up and Abyss tosses Anderson in the corner. Anderson ducks a lock up and hits a couple of kicks, chops and punches, but when he tries to whip Abyss, he ends up finding himself being whipped. Anderson tries for a cross body, but Abyss isn't moved. Anderson calls for a test of strength, but he slaps Abyss instead. Anderson goes for a body slam, but Abyss doesn't budge, and slams Anderson instead.

Abyss hits Anderson with a big boot to the face, and he clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Abyss follows Anderson to the floor, and he slams his head into the ring steps. Anderson catches Abyss with a low knee, and he tries to slam Abyss into the barricade, but Abyss blocks it, instead sending Anderson into the barricade. Abyss sends Anderson back into the ring, and he goes for a splash in the corner, but Anderson gets the elbow up and hits a dropkick to the knee. Anderson pounds away at Abyss with a couple of right hands.

Anderson tries to rip of Abyss' mask, but Abyss backs him up into the corner and prevents it. Anderson chop blocks Abyss' knee and chokes away at him in the corner. Anderson ties Abyss' knee up in the ropes and pounds away at it, before hitting a running dropkick straight to the knee. Anderson charges in again, but he finds himself in chokeslam position. Anderson fights out, but walks into a back body drop. Abyss hits Anderson with a couple of big right hands, and a splash in the corner before following up with a side slam, but it's only good for a two count.

Abyss tries for the shock treatment, and even with Anderson ripping t the mask, he hits it, but he can't keep Anderson down for the three count. Anderson kicks at Abyss' knee, and he climbs to the middle rope. Anderson jumps off, but gets caught in chokeslam position. Anderson messes with Abyss' mask, blinding Abyss and almost causing him to chokeslam the referee. Anderson kicks the back of Abyss' leg, hits the mic check, and pins Abyss, scoring the three count.

Winner and Advancing to the Finals of the 8 Card Stud Tournament: Mr. Anderson

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