Christy Hemme is backstage with AJ Styles, and AJ says obviously Hemme wanted to be with he Valentine. Styles says he's beat Joe before, and he'll beat him again. Styles spouts off a ton of stuff about how he's the greatest wrestler ever, before talking about how expensive his earring is. The camera pans over and Flair says he feels better because he knows Bischoff will call the match down the middle.


Eric Bischoff is shown backstage. He runs into Hogan. Hogan says he knows what Bischoff is up to, 15 years of animosity, Eric needs to let it go. Bischoff says it's over. Hogan says the talent has to depend on him and Bischoff, so it's up to Eric to call it down the middle, even if he doesn't want to. Bischoff looks really disappointed and says 'dammit'. Bischoff is the first man out to the ring, to a somewhat mixed reaction.

TNA Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe Update

Samoa Joe is shown backstage walking toward the entrance ramp, pounding on his Feast or Fired briefcase. His music hits, and Joe makes his way to the ring, to a warm reception.

Styles is shown backstage being hyped up by Flair. Styles is in a robe reminiscent of one of Flair's signature robes, only with a hood. Flair says AJ is Stylin' and Profilin'. Styles music hits and the Champion makes his way to the ring with Flair in tow. AJ still gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

The bell rings and this one is started. Both men lock up, and Joe backs AJ up, but AJ reverses it. Joe goes to punch AJ, but AJ bails to the floor. Styles makes his way back into the ring, and we he knees Joe instead of locking up. Styles locks in a headlock, and takes Joe down to his knees. Joe fights out and rocks AJ with a shoulderblock. AJ tries for another shoulderblock, and gets rocked yet again. AJ teases a third, but punches Joe instead. Joe responds with a huge shoulderblock. Joe beats on AJ in the corner with a series of jabs and kicks. Joe hits a running elbow, and a big kick, knocking AJ down to the mat.

Joe hits a running high knee in the corner, but it's only good for a one count from Bischoff. AJ starts to mount a comeback, hitting a jawbreaker, and a chop, but Joe catches AJ with a huge leg lariat out of nowhere. Joe takes AJ off his feet with a big chop. A kick to the chest takes AJ off his feet, another to the back of the leg staggers him, but another attempt results in a dragon screw from AJ. Styles goes to work, stomping at Joe's knee while Flair screams 'the knee'.

AJ continues to work over Joe's leg, stomping away at the ankle. Styles tries for the figure four, but Joe kicks him off and to the outside. Joe follows out with a suicide forearm that knocks AJ back into the barricade and Joe is favoring his knee. Joe sends AJ back into the ring, and he follows. AJ begs off and rolls to the outside and when Joe follows, AJ pokes him in the eye and mounts an offense. AJ catches Joe with a chop, sends him into the ring post, and stomps away at him. AJ looks under the ring, and instead he pulls up some of the ringside padding.

AJ tries for a suplex on the exposed concrete, but Joe blocks, and tries for one of his own. AJ reverses, but Joe responds with a big chop that takes AJ down. Styles rolls back into the ring, and Joe stares down and stalks Flair for a bit. Joe rolls back into the ring, and falls victim to a dropkick to the jaw. AJ hits an elbow to the back of Joe's head and locks in a rear chin lock.

Joe and Styles trade blows, with Styles getting the advantage thanks to a beautiful dropkick. AJ takes Joe into the corner and he hits a series of chops, but Joe turns it around and hits a couple of his own. Styles turns it around, hits a couple more of his own chops, and takes Joe down with a big forearm to the side of the head. The crowd seems split right down the middle on this one. AJ puts Joe on the top turnbuckle, and he goes up, trying for a hurricarana. Joe blocks, and comes off the middle turnbuckle with a leaping leg lariat, but it's only good for a two count.

Joe sends Styles into the corner, and when Styles dodges a splash, Joe responds with a huge uranage. AJ fights back, taking Joe down and wailing on him with a couple of big rights. Bischoff takes AJ off of Joe, and that allows Flair to slam Joe's knee against the ring post. Styles clips Joe's knee from behind, and he goes to work on the knee with a trio of elbow drops.

Styles continues to stomp at Joe's knee, kicking, wrenching and hitting knee drops. Styles locks in a modified indian deathlock into a backbridge. Joe knocks AJ away, but AJ goes right back to Joe, locking in the figure four.

Joe almost ends up with his shoulders on the mat for a pin, but he's able to kick out at two. Flair adds leverage to the hold, and Bischoff catches it, breaking up the hold. Styles hits a couple of chops, but when he charges Joe, Joe backdrops him to the outside.

Joe ducks a punch from AJ, and hits a couple of big clotheslines. AJ tries for a high risk move, but he jumps into an inverted atomic drop. Joe is a house of fire and he goes for the pin, but he only gets two. Snap powerslam from Joe but it's still not good enough for three and Joe is starting to get frustrated. Joe works over AJ in the corner with a couple of strikes. AJ ends up on the apron, but he comes back in with a springboard forearm. AJ goes right back to work with closed fists to Joe's face. Joe comes back with a series of open hand slaps, but when he charges Styles, he eats an elbow, and a moonsault inverted DDT, but it's still only good enough for two for Styles.

Styles teases the Styles clash, but Joe reverses out into the rear naked choke. Joe turns it into an amazing suplex, sending AJ overhead. Joe places AJ on the top turnbuckle, and he sets up the musclebuster, connecting, but Bischoff is distracted with Flair. Bischoff clocks Flair on the floor. Joe pulls Bischoff in the ring, and they argue. Joe turns around into the Pele kick from Styles. Styles clash, rolled over into a pin, and a very slow count from Bischoff still results in a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: AJ Styles