Christy Hemme is backstage with the Nasty Boys. Knobs says they know why they're there. They've been friends with Hogan for years, and Hogan called them up and told them to show all the tag teams in TNA how it's done. Saggs says the Nasty Boys aren't bottom feeders, they go right to the top, and 3D is the top. Saggs says if they can't beat 3D, why are they even there. Knobs says that Team 3D is going to Nastyville.

Grudge Tag Team Match
Team 3D vs. The Nasty Boys

3D rush the ring, but the Nasties are waiting, and the immediately begin the beat down on Ray and D-Von. I'm not sure if normal tag team rules apply of if this one will be tornado rules. Everyone is just brawling right now and the referee is standing around. 3D begin to come back, sending Knobs to the floor and taking Saggs out with a double clothesline. Saggs retreats to the floor, and the Nasties try to regroup.

The Nasties circle the ring, but 3D refuses to follow. The Nasty Boys finally make their way back to the apron, and this one looks like it will be traditional tag team rules. Ray and Sags are going to start things off. Sags takes Ray down with a knee, and he rakes at his eyes in the corner, before hitting a charging clothesline. Knobs takes in, but Ray fights back with a series of quick rights, only to fall victim to a poke to the eye. Sags tags in, and the Nasties signal for their armpit spot from 20 years ago. Ray fights out and makes the tag to D-Von, they take down Sags with a double clothesline, but Knobs pulls Sags to the floor.

Sags finally makes his way back into the ring after a long break (how blown up are the Nasties already?). Sags tags out to Knobs, and D-Von is able to fight out, taking Knobs down with a clothesline. D-Von goes after Sags, but he's caught with a low bridge, and he falls to the floor. Sags chokes D-Von on the floor while Knobs distracts the ref. Ray comes in from nowhere and knocks Sags down hard. Back in the ring, Knobs takes D-Von down with a slam and hits a big elbow. Sags tags in, and the Nasties hit a double shoulderblock.

D-Von begins to fight back against Sagas with a series of right hands, but Sags hits D-Von with a quick kick to take him down and prevent a tag. Ray loses his cool and that allows for a Nasties double team. Knobs is in now, and he locks in an abdominal stretch. Knobs adds extra pressure with a couple of big blows and he tags in Sags. Sags rakes D-Vons eyes, and the Nasties try for a double team, but D-Von ducks a charging Knobs and clotheslines Sags. D-Von makes the tag to Ray who comes in and cleans house.

Ray splashes both Nasties in the corner, and he tries for a uranage, but Sags doesn't seem willing to take it. 3D hit the Wassup headbutt on Knobs, and follow it up with a 3D on Sags. Jimmy Hart is there and he gives Knobs a foreign object. Knobs hits Ray, reverses the pin, and the referee sees it and counts to three. This one's over.

Winners: The Nasty Boys

It looks like Jimmy Hart has made his way to TNA.