WWE RAW Preview - 3 Huge Matches, Jerry Springer Hosts, Bret-Vince

Here is a preview for tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW telecast:

-- Jerry Springer hosts tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW! Jerry is no stranger to drama, but will he be able to handle the WWE Universe? What will be his 'Final Thought' for the show?

-- Last week, Show-Miz defeated DX and The Straight Edge Society to win the Unified Tag Team Titles! What will the new champs have to say this week?

-- Not only did DX lose the tag team titles, but Shawn Michaels completely broke down and said his career was over. What is the status of DX? Will Shawn be back?

-- The RAW Elimination Chamber participants will be in matches tonight. They are...

* John Cena vs. Triple H
* Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
* Ted DiBiase vs. Kofi Kingston

-- Vince McMahon decided that he would not agree to face Bret Hart, which sent Hart into an anger that saw part of the RAW set destroyed. Will the Hitman return to RAW and make Vince accept a match with him?

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