— WWE has signed a new British Diva, the sexy Jemma Palmer. Palmer, who played “Inferno” on the UK Gladiators show, told TheSun.co.uk that she’s excited to follow in the footsteps of follow Brit babes Katie Lea and Lalya El. The 24-year old will relocate to Tampa, Florida, next month to join Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental league. Palmer auditioned for Vince McMahon back in 2005 along with Katie Lea, but was not hired at that time. She’s been waiting on her work visa for seven months, which finally went through.

— After paying a fee to head down to Florida Championship Wrestling for a tryout in front of WWE trainers and agents this past December, the company has signed Calgary-based wrestler Tiger Raj Singh to a developmental contract. The 23-year-old told SLAM! Wrestling he has a developmental contract in hand and is waiting for his work Visa to be cleared before relocating to Tampa. Notable names such as Steve Keirn, Pat Patterson and Mike Rotunda saw him work.“It was a four-day tryout, and every day there was someone new there,” Singh explained. He believes his gimmick made him stand out. “I think they needed an Indian guy, they were looking for one,” Singh said. “We had matches and stuff and all the wrestlers came in their gimmicks. Well, I came out wearing a turban and had my full outfit on, and spoke Punjabi in my promo, and they liked that. They like guys who speak different languages and have different looks. My wrestling was pretty good, I had some pretty good matches. I did good at the drills and everything.”