Backstage TNA Contract News: Jeff Hardy & Shannon Moore

Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

Jeff Hardy actually signed a contract with TNA over two weeks ago. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but TNA officials are asking for roughly 100 dates over 12 months. It was believed that the deal wouldn't come into place until after Hardy's court case which has since been delayed so that may have changed. is also reporting that Shannon Moore also signed a deal shortly after Hardy inked his contract, and it's believed that they will appear on most of the same shows together. There's also been talk of pairing the two as a tag team, but the company seems to be going in a different direction.

Regarding Awesome Kong's apparent departure from TNA Wrestling, one person inside the company commented, "That is one crazy woman. Say what you want about Bubba, but attacking the guy would be sexual assault anywhere else in America, then she threatens to sue him? Only in America. Sad to loser her as a talent but I don't think anyone will miss her personally."

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