JR/Lawler Reunion 'Highly Unlikely', Kid Kash Charges, Ventura

-- In his latest Q&A on his website, Jim Ross was asked if he would be paired with Jerry Lawler again. His reply: I don't think that WWE is interested in putting me back on weekly TV and all the travel that comes along with it at this time. Would I love to work with King again? Certainly. Is this my call? Nope. Do I think that I will ever be paired with Lawler again on a regular basis? Highly unlikely.

-- Fraud and theft charges against former WWE, WCW, TNA and ECW talent Dave "Kid Kash" Cash were recently dropped due to the complainant not showing up for court. According to a report, Cash repaid the $84.10 he was accused of putting on the victim's credit card. Cash had claimed that the victim recanted his story on the day of the trial, but the District Attorney denies that story.

-- Former WWE and TNA talent Shelly Martinez is auctioning off a pair of event-worn "booty shorts" from her Ariel days at EBay.com.

-- During a signing for his book American Conspiracies yesterday at Borders Books Columbus Circle in New York City, Jesse Ventura revealed that his TruTV series Conspiracy Theory had been picked up for a second season. He added that they expected to do 8-10 episodes for season two, which would begin filming this summer and would likely air later this year, possibly early next year. Ventura was scheduled to read excerpts from the book, but those plans were canceled in light of the number of people present who wanted a signed copy of the book. Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels was at the signing visiting Ventura. The crowd seemed to be made up mostly of non-wrestling fans. Ventura would sign one extra item for each copy of the book purchased and was said to be gruff, but friendly.

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