Major Rey Mysterio-SD! Editing, Bret Hart-WWE, HBK, More

-- The Rey Mysterio interview on last night's SmackDown! was heavily edited. Mysterio spoke for a lot longer live, and the "What?" chants he was getting were edited out.

-- On the UK broadcast of the show, interviews aired promoting the upcoming tour of the UK. Localized interviews used to be the norm for WWE programming. The Bret Hart appearances on the tour were heavily promoted.

-- An interview with Shawn Michaels is available at Michaels talks about WrestleMania.

-- Local police were called to a shopping center in Palmdale, CA yesterday do deal with an armed robbery at a local bank. There was no robbery, however; the tipsters saw four masked wrestlers promoting a show at the shopping center. Seven squad cards arrived at a local Spanish video store to arrest the wrestlers, with police dogs and guns drawn.

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