— WWE.com has announced that the cast for the upcoming comedy movie “Hot Tub Time Machine” will be guest-hosting WWE RAW on March 29, the night after WrestleMania. They note: The cast of Hot Tub Time Machine The night after WrestleMania, step into the whirlpool for what is sure to be a hysterical night as the cast of the film Hot Tub Time Machine guest hosts Monday Night Raw. In the aftermath of the biggest event of the year, the cast, including Rob Cordry and Clark Duke, will surely keep everyone laughing and step back in time to revisit the events of the previous night at WrestleMania. For more on Hot Tub Time Machine, visit www.kicksomepast.com.

Note from Ryan Clark: The NIGHT AFTER WRESTLEMANIA and that’s the best they could get?!!? Wow, just wow. Commercials for the movie, which hits theaters on March 26, have begun airing during WWE RAW. To see a full list of the upcoming RAW guest hosts, visit WWE.com.

— During an appearance on Don Imus’ FOX radio show this morning, TNA star Hulk Hogan hyped Monday’s live iMPACT! debut and hinted that TNA’s planned surprises may begin early in the evening. Hogan said, “Tune in a few minutes before nine because we might pull some sneaky stuff. Back on January 4th, footage of Scott Hall and Sean Waltman was shown on Spike TV during commercial breaks of the UFC show that aired before iMPACT! With TNA looking to grab the attention of the wrestling world on the first night of the new Monday night war, it’s possible we could see something similar on Monday night.

— A recent article with New Zealand wrestler Matthew Wilson, wrestling as Max “The Axe” Damage, claims he will be trying out with WWE at the SmackDown! tapings on March 16th.